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ASYNSIS: Design Theory of Everything

Here's how we're also raising Beautiful & Green design awareness & action in Asia, with our Dao of Design paradigm, the Asynsis principle - where Greek Beauty meets Chinese Health & Fortune - as shared on TED at TEDxWanChai, with RIBA Hong Kong & UKTI 10 Downing St GREAT Festival of Creativity.

Nigel Reading RIBA LEED GA: Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Glocal-savvy Sustainability advocate, TED speaker, Dao of Design: Asynsis principle. More 4 Less, Form follows Flow.  Read more

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Westminster 2014 End of Year Portfolio Review

safe_imageGreetings from Hong Kong! Wonderful examples of cosmomimetic, optimal, analogical design.

Great to see exemplars for the Asynsis principle are kicking in at my Westminster DipArch alma mater where it all began.

Here’s our latest updates on the initial breakthrough AD article, now in association with the Constructal Desi...Read more

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The Hum: do Solar System orbital dynamics display Asynsis-Constructal geometries and behaviours?

prp-cover-webIs the Hum a Music of the Spheres for our age?

If confirmed, this appears to be more Asynsis-Constructal QED – more evidence (this time from celestial mechanics), that optimal, analogical geometries best describe Constructal behaviours in natur...Read more

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Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference, Tuscon, April 2014

10_SpaceTimeFoamSpace Time Foam

Integrated, Iterative, InfiniteIntegrated, Iterative, Infinite

Seeking a “mid...Read more

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More Asynsis-Constructal QED: Weaire-Phelan Lowest Energy Foam displays Asynsis geometry

Weaire-Phelan Foam


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Biomimesis to Cosmomimesis: Beauty, Optimisation and Sustainability in Design

Asynsis Public Lecture Macau SAR, ChinaAsynsis Public Lecture

Macau SAR, China

Nigel Anthony Reading will give an evening lecture on the Asynsis principle at USJ, Macau on Thursday 6 March. All Macau+HK friends welcome!

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Asynsis published in South China Morning Post January 2014

Asynsis principle in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Spin for West Kowloon Cultural DistrictAsynsis principle in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Spin for West Kowloon Cultural District

Asynsi...Read more

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Form follows Flow: Is there a New Geometric Law of Thermodynamics?


e^{i *pi} = -(2phi-root5)  e^{i *pi} = -(2phi-root5)


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Asynsis Principle-Constructal law Team @ ARUP Foresight & Innovation

Asynsis principle-Constructal lawAsynsis principle-Constructal law

More for less, a new design and construction optimisation paradigm with global reach and universal local application to promote sustainable design and development.

In our work (as just presented to ARUP Foresight & Innovation in London yester...Read more

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Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TED speaker, Asynsis principle: More 4 Less, Form follows Flow


Hong Kong
March 5, 2009