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Birthday 08-16
Languages Spoken English,Korean
Hometown Texas, Minnesota, Illinois
Location Los Angeles, United States
Job Actress, Model
Gender Female
English Name Arden Cho
Member Since February 26, 2009
Fans 536
Profile Views 126,029

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GNO @hannahejun @michelleyo0n @cchung0512 @hashtagphotobooth #noboysallowed

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Happy girl. #luckygirl

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I ate three bowls of ice cream after lunch and I'm not mad.

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Boy meets girls. Boy likes girl. Why can't it be this easy for humans? Lol.... Chewy has so many suitors & so much romance in her life. #luckygirl #jealousofmydogslife

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Why does she always want to sit on my arms when I drive?! Lol....

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Hometown Texas, Minnesota, Illinois
Birthday 08-16
Job Actress, Model
Member Since February 26, 2009

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