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Blog: Wednesday, Jul 27


Ive been busy and hardly have a proper time and mood to update.

However, a batch of photos are uploaded on my Facebook page!

*like it and view more photos and updates there..

only if you are interested =D


will be back

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Autosave 07/01/11 00:58:46

HSH Anniversary dinner

Thanks for the invite Wilson!

Pink was the day =)

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Autosave 06/23/11 04:50:35

It has been long since i last danced.

It felt so good to groove to the music once again and sweat it all out.This is Choco, my dance partner..

actually rather our audience =) very adorable ya? Thanks to 狄易達 for the dance choreography!

After two days of rehearsals, our show finally started officially on Monday!

It was a long and tiring day as it was the first episode but it was a whole new good experience for me =)

What do you think of my outfit for the show? love it or hate it, thats the way it is. haha..

posing for the media

 2F ( friendly and funny) 阮少祥

Gorgeous 伍詠薇

producer 錢國偉

The whole theme for 變身男女chok chok chok (debuting on 3rd July)

see you and be back for more updates!


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Blog: Tuesday, Jun 14


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Majolica Majorca chapter 31 (limited edition)

Its time of the month again!A girls' thing.. not the annoying one that your thinking of course. =) Chapter 31 - Fake SleepingThis is a chapter with limited edition products![]( chapter has a new beautiful surprise,never fail to bring us astonishment.This time the location itself is indeed like stepping into a fairytale.WANDERLUSTGathered the girls at the restaurant - Cocotte, in the boutique hotel for some bites.all cameras on readyAfter filling up our tummies,we head up to receive our introduction to the new chapter.We were welcomed by this poster of the beautiful MJ model which leads us to the room.Decoration of the room really suits the theme of this chapter,very forest alike.

leaves made of cloth hanging on the ceiling.up on the cozy bed,

we start our greetings on the mini knowledge of the new MJ products.It was my first time meeting all of them as the MJ girls as I wasnt around for the first launch.They are all such a sweet =)As excited as you are, Im going to show you what's in

MAJOLICA MAJORCA CHAPTER 31!![]( Tear Liner (inBlueandPink) Rsp $19.90 (Limited Edition)- Big teary eyes with sparkles

-Clear gel base to bring out the blue or pink sparkles

-Thin brush can be used as eyeliner or to decorate lashesI prefer the blue sparkers hence I shall try out on two different base.

With pure and nude looking make up..

Apply on The eye lid as eyeliner and can also put drip on the eye tear

This gives u a nude make up look yet helps to brighten up your eyes    Now with the shopping, going out look which I add in eye liner and mascara.and you can use..Lash Expander Frame Plus - $25.90To lengthen eyelashes After applying your eye liner..

Use the sparker over the eyeliner or put on upper lash tops and roots of lower lashes to make teary eyes.

Add on some on half of your inner lower lid as well.

Now your ready to go out and mesmerize everyone![]( F  ( fragrance of Fruity forest) - Limited Edition ($23.90)This bottle of fragrance is different from other fragrance because it is not spray type as it comes with spatula.

What does it matter?

 Simply helps to focus on the parts that you apply the fragrance on and

it can last longer as the fragrance is slightly thicker than water, more to gel water type.-sweet and fruity aroma of forest, red fruits, blooming flowers and maple syrup


Fruity - (Juneberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mangosteen, Apple, Lemon, Fig and Pomergrante)

Herbal and Floral - (Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile, Clary Sage and Sweet Pea)

Sweet and Romantic - (Oakmoss, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber)

Girls, if you like sweet yet very natural scent. This gotta be your choice =)

Last but not least, the colour of the fragrance is PINKISH!

Feeling sweet and gurly I bet you!

PS: to current and yet to be Majolica fans! haha..

Majolica Majorca Chapter 31will be out at selected Watson stores from30th June![](

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