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Anthony Minghella, Olympics and the Baseball season

 Some random thoughts here... As a lot of you must know by now, Heath Ledger died from a drug overdose awhile back but there has been very little coverage on Anthony Minghella's death about a week ago. I just want to pay my respect to a very talented director who unfortunately passed too early. One can only imagine what other beautiful works of art he could've produced. There's been a lot of talk about the Tibet riots, China's response, Western media's coverage and what the Olympics mean...Read more

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Filmart / HKIFF

Spent the last couple of days running around the Hong Kong Convention Center at Filmart, which is the film marketplace event held annually for film buyers and sellers to meet. Thanks to Mike Chan who I keep bumming passes from to get in. I find myself in unfamiliar territory as I was surrounded by film buyers and sellers who are very different from film people in production. But it was a nice experience to see the more business side of film, after all, it is a business. It was neat seeing so many films, about 99% of them I have never seen or ...Read more

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Ha Lo

This is my first blog ever, so bare with me if I screw this up. Just got into HKG three weeks ago, just in time for some "Lai See" which is nice. Haven't received one for 12 years, it takes getting use to. Thanks to some friends here in Hong Kong, I got to go to a few events the past week. The Nike event at TST on Friday and the Pat Lee event Saturday. Both lots of fun, meeting lots of interesting people. There's definitely a lively energy everywhere I turn and it's quite exciting. I've been slacking off on my screenplay, so I...Read more

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