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Wow. I am useless at this!

Hello- wow, so I am terrible at keeping an alive not dead profile. I might as well be dead.... on here. :(

So in the ahem few years I have been absent, I've probably been back and forth to Hong Kong a dozen times- as well as a notable first trip to Taiwan this July. Man, I love that place!

In terms of work, I've probably seen more interesting developments in this period than ever before. I've had lots of highlights (and lots of low points) over the course of the last... 3 years (?). Here are som...Read more

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I am currently on hols around Japan (and cannot find the apostrophe key) but thought I would mention the Rock and Roll gig I went to on Friday. Ive been a Beyond fan for ages, so it was pretty awesome to hear the songs played live, but moreover to see the audience respond so passionately. I cant really think of any other bands in Hong Kong which have had such a profound impact- listening back, lots of the songs also carry a real message, which I think is really missing in a lot of music in the HK scene today. Was really ...Read more

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Here we go, first blog

Right, so this is my first entry. I just filled out the About Me bit in my profile. I always find it slightly odd, as I'm never sure how much detail to go into. Do I talk about moving to Hong Kong, going to school, my influences, what I like to eat, my favourite colour, my favourite time of the day etc. etc. I aimed to 'average' detail, whatever that is haha.

So I'm in Hong Kong at the moment, visiting my parents who still live here. I was pretty much just nosing around people's facebooks the other day when ...Read more

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