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TOP-15 Gambling Singers and Actors Celebrities Lose Millions

There are plenty of people all over the world who enjoy gambling every year, about 1.6 billion to be more precise. And as much as 4.2 billion gambled at least once in their lifetime.

It should not really surprise you that many celebrities love ‘spending’ their money this way, although many of them try to conceal their involvement.

Some of the celebrities are pretty good at it while other suffer great losses in many fields such as finances of course, but professional and social areas as well.
However, you would never expect some of the following names, in particular, to appear on that list. 

Ben Affleck
This acclaimed actor and filmmaker ended up in a rehabilitation center because of his addiction to gambling and alcohol in 2001.
 According to some startling accusations, he had participated in top secret Tinseltown’s poker games where he lost a hand of $400,000 to the President of Universal Studios – Ron Meyer.
All this did not prevent him from taking a role in a thriller movie “Runner, Runner” in 2013 which is gambling-themed.

Charlie Sheen. The famous actor who is known for his problematic behavior was accused of spending approximately $20,000 per week betting on sports by Denise Richards, his second wife.

There is even a rumor claiming that he called to place a bet while he was on his way to the hospital to attend the birth of Lola, their daughter. However, in a recent interview, he claimed to have stopped gambling.

Shannon Elizabeth. This American Pie actress found out her affection for gambling after her role in this movie. According to some resources, there is even a gambling ring she runs from her home. 

Tobey Maguire. There are claims that this Spiderman actor is actually a very skilled poker player who won about $300,000 at secret New York and Los Angeles games.
He is also known for his public gambling, and Phil Hellmuth claims that thanks to this game Tobey have won over $10,000,000.

Matt Damon. This actor participated in illegal gambling rings as well in private homes and expensive hotels.

Gladys Knight.  Though this singer managed to stay clear from alcohol and drugs, she got pretty addicted to sports betting.
After losing some serious money (about $45,000) in one period she decided to put an end to gambling.

Ray Romano.This actor based his act on his real life experience for the movie Man of a Certain Age. He also lost control over his gambling once but after seeking help from Gambler’s Anonymous he managed to regain the control.

Brad Garret. According to gambling.com, this Everbody Loves Raymond star belongs to the list of top 10 celebrities who are addicted to poker. 

Pamela Anderson. She lost $250,000 to her longtime friend Rick Salomon, which she paid by getting married to him. The marriage between this Baywatch babe and Rick did not last long, however. 

50 Cent. It is rumored that he placed a bet of $500,000 on a game between San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants.

Jennifer Tilly. She is known to be an excellent poker player, and her winnings exceed $750,000. Her innocent appearance obviously does not say much about her poker skills – she is also familiar with different variations of it.

Jason Alexander. He is known to be both a real life and online poker player, and he is very passionate about it. 

Hank Azaria. He participates in poker tournaments playing for money, but he also held a charity tournament at his home – he turned his backyard into a giant poker room. 

Marlon Wayans. Wayans plays poker every Saturday and he participated in WSoP 2009.

Nelly is another singer who, along with Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-z love to spend some time and try her hand at blackjack tables. 

The thrill which gambling offers is big enough for ordinary people and celebrities alike. It is hard to stay immune to it, but if you try your luck it is of crucial importance to remain in control of your gambling. Never put a bigger stake than you can afford to lose. And be prepared for any outcome!
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