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Bitches brew

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I live in a village searching for wirk and a place to live what saddens me in this White society is the bullying and negativity in search of their own creativity and expression with no arts and theatre unless you travel out that these women housewives have house husband and two salaries and they really fight hard bullying the so called underdog out ut this way I can't wait to move I don't want my children growing up in this environment. The houses look great and the place looks safe but festering behind close doors are very sad frustrated people apart from the...Read more

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Groove rider lol must get fit to just bring it on for ol school drum and bass Fabio and de la soul Lord have mercy ok back to work the universe ready to shake down de soul drum and bass ol school and guess who ? Soul II soul it's the only way and for everyone else please MP3 yourselves that feel good cool as a mother fucker you all got it going on kinda playlist God only knows my heart was broke but I sent it back to heaven to have it fixed so fill ins and breakthroughs on love never lost I thank god for all the love I have in the universe that going to kick my as...Read more

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Emotional wisdom by mantak chia u tube

and book this and the barefoot doctor saves your life.... Ok now I need the tae bo dvd in my life some Steve stone hip hop dance classes Lord have mercy and some new trainers and that fly work out class gear in orange bright orange I lost my Leo in a pool of tears looking for love now I find my keys visions stevie wonder bring on those charts and some scales to build me a happy home a house Luther vandross miracles I'm telling the world to reiki and lifecoach ok got to make me these money's and plant afew bulbs ...Read more

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Best mans holiday full film

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God only knows we have this life to live and scroll fix up on fixing up never mind everything that fights you and swears at you for not being good enuff life is good imagine it Change abd transform means it you reality by any meAns necessary

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Know God with all your heart

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We're not here for long. So make the most of every moment. We forget this so often, and get caught up in missions, and desires. We think we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right- for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form? An elevated perspective is key to a meaningful existence. As Jupiter soon reaches the end of its retrograde phase, you'll find the higher you rise, the further you see. Sagittarius Nov. - Dec 21 by the amazing Astrologist Johnathan Cainer may God be with you and go d be with your family. The co...Read more

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"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech

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