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Devilrobots To-Fu x Kay 謝安琪

Devilrobots x 

Kay 謝安琪 TO-FU

Animal Homme becomes Devilrobots To-Fu Offical Shop in Hong Kong.

Launches the Kay To-Fu @ animal homme gallery

At the same time launches a line of official Kay products, Fans were lining up night b4 to make sure they get a hold of Kay's promotional products for her up coming concert, Kay came by for a surprise ...Read more

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Leo Romeo x Gookii

9 inch vinyl  Figure crossover project with Ox2play~~

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work in progress

handmade Leo Romeo , working on the head...matching the colors on there.....getting the bodies ready...

making of the clothes , putting things together.....out comes the prototype....

Read more

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painting time

spending time at my studio painting Leo Romeo in Pajamas Wardrobe.....



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animal homme x BlueGirl

Milk artical on our work with BlueGirl, "BigBoy" x Blue Girl Beer figures and Tshirts ...

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December 12, 2008