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I sent a Bouquet gift to @viviio @george..... @beibyhearts @melissaliem90 @culun http://mig.me/images/emoticons/virtualgifts/bouquet_64.png "miss u guys"


I told u behind the success of someone there Will be Friends who always to support u.. just like my debut Will not that success without @viviio thanks for always there for me love u n miss u too @beibyhearts @culun pray for me always #migemes

soalnya hari Senin itu mulai kerja lagi abs libur??

Just a reminder

The path Will not that easy ppl Will always try to bring u down problem sometime force u to give up

but.. come on rise n get up and keep trying to do ur best while waiting God reply all ur pray u just need to be patient just a Lil more

Good night everyone these words came from my side


join guys @viviio @culun @beibyhearts @garnet @deveer @herydeluzion

Edisi ngidam cilor akhirnya bikin aja lah sendiri

an easy Snack for late aftrnoon its cilor or cimol telor which originated from Bandung,Indonesia its made from gluten flour, water. egg n chicken stock served with Chilli n tomato sauce also i add some grated cheese

migemes #miglovesfood

Sisa maskeran tadi ??

sunday.. time to have some treatment facial mask is a must

migemes #migemesfamily

kangen pokonya ?? titik

migemes #migemesfamily kapan gila lagi

Lunch today i made this grilled ribs..green mango salad n rendang

enjoy ur lunch guys #miglovesfood #migemes #migemesfamily ?????????

join guys @viviio @beibyhearts @dea- @culun @garnet @farhangajra @painofmylife @its4ew @mido @btw @herydeluzion


I love art especially foodart n photography.m wanna be a pro foodstylist

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