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New Job, New Life

I was working in a company for many years, now I think it's high time to make some change in my life. Thus, I have started to search a new job at the end of March as I was decided to quit my job.

Finally, I can find a new job and I am look forward to start in this company. There is a very big different between these 2 companys. I can learn a lot of new thing which I didn't try before. In the meantime, I am starting to nervous as I will start my new life on 25 this month.

Really hope everything can come smooth to adapt easily.

Bless me!!!

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it will.. just give it your all.. and you will do great..!! good luck with change.. hope its what you want....
almost 12 years ago
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Angel~! All the best! 加油~!
almost 12 years ago
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almost 12 years ago
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always blessing u~ = ) Whatever u do, always support u! Both of us need to work harder lu~ = )))
almost 12 years ago
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My Dear! Congratulations & Good Luck for ur new Life & Job. Go to it, Dear. I do believe u can.
almost 12 years ago
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Dear...you will have a much better career and future! :) All the best! Cheers! ")
almost 12 years ago
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I bless you. You stand in the big crossroads of the life now. It is very splendid. I respect you. I support you heartily. Angel! ! Do its best~ by tokky
almost 12 years ago
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Darling, I believe everything will go well with angel. You can manage anything with your heart. Jia You Kiss and Hug God Bless
almost 12 years ago
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hello,my angel. missing you so much. i'm so happay to know that you got a new job! yes, starting something new always make us nervuos. but at the same time, it's so exciting! God bless you, darling. 加油~!!
almost 12 years ago
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all the best for yr new career & new life. believe u will do well! add oil & god bless~
almost 12 years ago
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mon, goodluck on your new job.. =)
almost 12 years ago
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glad to know that you got a new job finally... ^^ best wishes and i believe you will do very well~!!
almost 12 years ago
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Good Luck to u on ur new job, Jia you Dear All The Best :)
almost 12 years ago
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over 11 years ago
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GO GO!! Good luck to you! Best regards!
over 11 years ago


Welcome to my Heaven!!! 안녕하세요 엔젤입니다 저는홍콩에서 왔어요 만나서 반갑워요

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