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Making use of my time.

I'm going to make a list of things I need to get accomplished by February 26th, which is the last day of my week off from school. I seriously seriously seriously need to learn time management. Hopefully, listing out all my assignments and checking them off as I go will help me finish all my assignments at a good pace so I won't have to cram in all the assignments the night before school starts. High School Assignments[X] Spanish project (Due 2/28)[X] Pre-Calculus  homework (Due 2/27)[X] Pre-Calculus extra credit assignment (Due 2/27)[X] Latin homework (Due 2/27)[X] AP Human Geography Project- Is Walmart Good for America? (Due 2/27)[] Study for AP Human Geography exam- Thursday, March 1College Assignments[X] Sociology assignment #2 (Due 2/21 at 11:59 am)[] Sociology assignment #3 (Due 2/27 at 5:05 pm)Other[] Take 5 practice SAT exams (Before 2/26) [] Complete Questbridge application (Due 3/27)

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