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[碧海蓝天(the Big Blue)]&[冒牌天神2(Evan Almighty)]

I love this film,i can feel the smell of the sea...a kind of sad feeling.

you don't know how to choose things in your live just like the hero,Jacques(he gots beautiful eyes~)  in this movie.

he loves the sea,though it took his father away from the world.

he loves the woman,Johana so deeply...but he has to choose...

in the end,Luc Besson choose the opening ending,but i can say  that  Jacques chose the big bule,thoes mermaids,thoes dolphins...and Johana choes her love and the unborn baby.

i love sad things,but i don't know this is a sad ending or a happy ending,everyone chose what they choes.i want to cry,but i'm still happy,strange...

i can say that i love the sea,love dolphins,i hope i can have a house in Sicily with the one i love,with my child,with my family~live a peaceful life~haha~

Johana asked Jacques that she hasn't  got a reason to stay because of his love of the sea(maybe i guess~),but after Jacques kissed her,she said"i have one now".haha~romanitc~yes?

i love the misic in this movie,it makes my feel the sea and there love~

GOOD MOVIE!        From  Luc Basson

a comedy~

build an ark to save human and animals~

and families should believe each other!

well~i love those animals~

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