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Time travel

 Yesterday a few friends and I decided to take this wonderful time travelling machine and go back to the middle ages.

 I didn't know the time travelling machine was packed...I am used to the usual sitting down on a couch with a big flashy plate on the back, or the usual blue box travelling machines...

 But no, this one looked a LOT like a train...

 Anyways, once we arrived there, we had to arm ourselves to fight against demons, dragons, and evil knights, so we headed over the weaponry...

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And I am writing again...


 For those of u who have the free time to read my long stuff, there's another of my weird stories.

This is something I wrote some time ago, just after I came back from Hk.

 Some may say it's based on true events, I ask: untill what point?

"It was a normal night, nothing special about it, except for the fact that it was my last night in the city. That was supposed to be my last dinner with some acquaintances I made, and just to feel a bit more comfortabl...Read more

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More Halloween

 Okay, I am done with the Taiwan paper (thanks everyone!!), and now, I am gonna keep talking about the night of evil....Halloween, the Second Coming!!

So the night kept going...and the ghouls in the house decided to party up...

 Since we were hungry, we went to the nearest asylum and grabbed something to eat. (yes, it says Abnormal Patient)


 But since...you know, I heard a lot a...Read more

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Help about Taiwan

  Okay, long time no blog..I barely have time to breathe lately...

 I need to ask eveyrbody some help. I need to write a paper about Democracy in Taiwan (yeah, I don't know why either), so I thought it would be a good idea to do an online survey abt it to include it in my paper.

 When I told my teacher he said it was a good idea, if I found 100 people to take it.

 So, what's going on? Well...paper is for wednesday...and I only have up to 35 people who took the survey -_-U

 So for those of u who are ta...Read more

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Halloween, the 2nd coming...

 So, I have been hella busy lately, so busy that me and my friends we all had to work at the Ani-com in Barcelona for Halloween, so we had no party...

 Then yesterday we had our "Halloween, the 2nd coming" party. With only 2 days to come up with a costume...things ended up like this:


 Face details coming up later...for now, lemme introduce the other ghouls aroun...Read more

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Support Underground!!!

 I just heard Cixi is thinking abt closing the Underground events.

 I went there once last summer and it was tons of fun!!!

 I wish I could go there support tomorrow, but I am too far away..so, are u in Hk?? Show them ur support, go rock, drink, and have fun!!!

 http://www.alivenotdead.com/undergroundhk/Underground+70-Defiant+Scum-Oi+Squad-Sexy+Hammer-Bone+Ta...Read more

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 Okay, I am super busy lately..no time for ANYTHING at all..I'll blog abt it when I get some free time..when the world ends or something.

 So, I couldn't celebrate Halloween, nor did any of my friends, coz we were all working.

 We decided to celebrate it this sat at my friend's place. Now...costume...I don't have much time to prepare anything or to go buy much...

 Any ideas? No make up required? =P

 Come on, I wanna see what u come up to...or what u wanna see me as, which I am sure is more imaginative...Read more

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 For the past days I felt I was gona fall sick, I could feel it coming...and it arrived this morning...woke up with fever and feeling like shit..

 So I spent my day lazying around, watchin a pair of tv shows,...and doing nothing coz I can barely think straight (yeah, I rarely have a fever and it kills my already lazy braincells.)

 Now that I have said this...I want u all to go check Din's new song, I will make it easy...just click Read more

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Family visit

 Too busy to blog much lately...but I had my bro and nephews visit this weekend...so I will share some pics...

 We went to have lunch...

 Here u have my nephew Marc...(he stole my hat and wouldn't take it off)

 And my nephew Joan...

 They&...Read more

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You know AnD goes international when...

You Know And goes international when u walk into the new university and see a guy wearing an AnD hat in Barcelona.

 And of course, I had to approach him and ask.

 The guy seemed to be some kind of exchange student, so I asked in english.

 He said he's a friend of "kitty" (any clues anyone?) who gave him the hat when he was last in Hong Kong.

 Funny uh? Another AnDer with a hat in Barcelona.

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