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Wow, time flies!! :D

It's good to know Alive not dead is up and running! I dig the new design!! :D

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My first free half day in town. This city is not the same without Elle Winter!

Last night I dreamt I took a 3 days trip with Anita Yee-Ling and once there met Reni in a strange mall where we got lost.

Wow, new AnD!!!

 New Alive Not Dead!!

 It looks a bit simple for now, but let's give it a chance!!

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My Doctor Who birthday episode! Awesome! I was born on a Doctor Who day!

Finally finished this game!!! 2048 Doctor Who version

Back home!!!

Final hours in China. It's been a hard year, but i had a few very good things that made it all worth it. In no specific order: going to Tokyo with David and Mónica, and seeing Montse and Sergio, Boat trip thanks to KiKi in Hong Kong, spending some of my last days with the girls of Choco, great photoshots with Mim and Thomas, meeting Nell and Ifan Barber, and an amazing Halloween (and a surprise last minute visit to Guangzhou!) with Wing. I am probably forgetting things and people, but you know you are included here too. Thank you everyone!!!!!


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