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5 Ways to Help Make Learning Fun For Your Kids

Instilling a love for learning in your children is one of the best things you can do as a parent. By nurturing your children’s curiosity, you’ll give them a gift that will carry them through their entire lives.

The key to doing that is making learning seem as fun as possible, as early as you can.

Learning is about much more than simply remembering what you’re told. That’s what kids experience in school all day: their teachers tell them things. When your children start learning about animals in school, take them to the zoo so they can see what the zebras eat, how the monkeys play, and when the baby penguins start waddling on their own. If they’re learning about astronomy, go to the local planetarium. Plan field trips and adventures that correspond with school lessons. They’ll make a bigger impact.

You have to get hands on with your kids when you’re teaching them academic skills. Become a part of the process. Your kids adore spending time with you and they learn more from you than from anyone else. You’re their best example, so instead of instructing them to read a book, read it with them. Show them that you read for pleasure, too. Let them see you doing math, then invite them to join you.


Sometimes you have to teach things in the most interesting way possible. Take fractions, for instance. They’re confusing, they’re hard to understand, and they simply don’t seem to make sense. Use the pie trick or the pizza trick to teach children what one-fourth really is. Make up songs that teach your children about colors, parts of speech, or the planets in the solar system. Engage them by making practical lessons as creative as possible.


Children learn some of their best academic skills in the home. A fun but functional educational game teaches academic skills for all grade levels, if it’s done correctly. Come up with some games together. Find out what sorts of games your children find most interesting and then figure out a way to make them educational. 

Some of the best games are easily tailored to children of all ages: - Card games based around math problems and equations, can be played easily on their beds too  http://www.mommaps.com/  - Geography treasure hunts involving tracking down key aspects from each state - Science experiments that make Play-Doh or exploding volcanoes - Word-play games that teach spelling or improve vocabulary


Children love playing pretend, getting to act like a grown-up, and knowing that they’ve shared something new with their parents. Play up those tendencies by letting your children teach you something. Ask them to spend some solo study time researching topics that interest them. They might want to learn about a region in Africa, a new mnemonic device for spelling, or a neat multiplication trick. After they’re done, play the student. Let them teach you and each other.Learning is fun, so making it seem fun is actually quite easy. How do you encourage your children to love learning?

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