Ana R

Happy Halloween ❤️👻🎃#flashback my first #Halloween in #HK dressed as a #streetfighter #kickass #blackcat #gang #asianchick

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A sweet dinner date with @bradbigg at the @fshongkong #inagikuhk

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Thank you @shirleyhiranand for an amazing lunch at #sevva and thank you @bonnaeg for this very sweet cake. Miss you so much @reynaharilela

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Thank you @modelonehk for the cute #flipagram and the very sweet #birthday #wish

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Gucci 14 and still loves to go out doors so we got her a carrier bag to take her on walks. 🐶 #piccollage

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At @giuseppezanottiworld dress by @paulekaofficel and styled by @rickykwok_ hair by @pwjayyeung by @privateisalon #squaready

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RG @jesscambensy: We are XYZ 💪😜 #spinclass #youarexyz #workoutbuddy 💖 #regramapp

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Lilly taking a nap on mommy today. 😊😱👍 she way to cute.

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Thank you #Nespressohk for the #maragogypemoment just in time for my morning coffee date with my #nespressomichine can't wait to try out the new flavor 💋❤️😘 #piccollage

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Ana R


Birthday 10-29
Favorite Tv Shows Anything on Cartoon Network, Can't help it I'm a kid a heart
Favorite Books Cook books (Love to cook)
Favorite Faves I'm good to try anything... You only live once...

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