Ana R

At today's event for @dreamskinkorea #dreamskinhk

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Just trying out the NEW Loreal Revitalift Cream. I just love the feeling of the cream. Have you tried the new cream? #lorealparis #loreal #magicblur #revitalift #美塗霜

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At the temple

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Thank you for the photo @pauljs100 #anarivera #ana_r

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What a great show by @shanghaitang

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Heading to the #shanghaitang #show with the @modelonehk babes.

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youarexyz time to spin. Loving @youarexyz

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Hong Kong Fashion Week. Walking for Lars Wallin. I love this dress. #larswallin #larswallinfashionstories #audi

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Thank you @wow_petshop my babes loved the Organic dog treats, and thank you for the cute bows. Lots of love from Gucci, Angel, and Lilly. #piccollage

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RG @jesscambensy: Keeping warm with #iijinhk #iijinla and @ana_r ! Thanks @rowchan 😘😘

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