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Sexy #givenchy shooting

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givenchy #shooting #eastweekly feeling sexy in Black & White

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Thank you Shenzhen Fashion Week for having me as a guest for your first #fashionweek it was an honor to take part of this historical moment. I really enjoyed myself and loved all the amazing creations and the amazing designers that took part in the show.

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Today is National Puppy Day. Share the love with a friend for life. #adopt a #puppy ( Lilly was 5 months in this photo. Lilly is now 10 months old. ) #nationalpuppyday

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With the forever talented @arronkwokxx and my lovely sis @jesscambensy it's always nice to see Arron his a great actor and an amazing artist. I'm a BIG fan of his since I first came to HK

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So happy to meet one of my favorite stars at the #moet #moetchandon #asianfilmaward #GalaDinner being half Korean myself it's always nice to see another Korean in Hong Kong @leesoohyuk ( I'm a big fan )

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At the #asianfilmaward for the #GalaDinner thank you #moetchandon #moet and @Moiselle_hk for the beautiful dress.

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At the @ralphlauren event at @leegardenshk modeling the new #rickybag

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Join my friends at #hkahf on Sunday 22nd March for their #hopeshinesthru event at Bebegarten!

hkahf are collaborating with Queen Mary Hospital to provide one free MRI, PET-CT scans per day for underprivileged #hongkong children. Contact @josootang if you interested to make a donation!

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At the @shanghaitang event

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