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I found love in Coke a Cola

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Thank you @tods for the great photo by @oliviatsanghk and @occasionspr for putting it all together. #tods #todsgommino #dotsoflife

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RG @priscillaianson: Last night's brief pit stop at the @bashasia event with these beauties ❤️💜💛 #bashasia thanks @socialcapital! #regramapp

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Thank you @tods I had a great time. #tods #todsgommino @occasionspr #landmarkhk #dotsoflife

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Lilly got her eyes on my new tods.

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Joanrivers RIP thank you for all the joy and smiles you bring to the crazy world we call #fashion

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Thanks guys for the great GHD shoot... Sexy hair and natural makeup...

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I'm FINished with Fins are you. ( I never been one to eat shark fin in the first place. ) thanks to @sharksavershk @alivenotdead #sharksavers #sharksavershk #alivenotdead #finishedwithfins and @andyonimal @ankiebelike @alvingoh @jesscambensy @kendysuen

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Love my @bradbigg

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Good morning #uk so happy to see you #sunshine

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