Ana R

A great night with the best bloggers in HK @priscillaianson @tinaleung @cindiddy @faye_tsui at the @majeofficiel

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So yummy homemade Chinese Soup. Double Boiled Chicken Soup. ( super easy to make. )

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Just a healthy way to start your day. #flex #pilates #intelligentmovement @flexstudiohk @naturalwellbeing My first time working out with FlexStudio HK. & it was a great class.

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The best ways to stay out of the rain. 👍 taking the MTR 😍 #nomakeup #busyday

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ccshoefienight @centralcentralshop post your favorite shoe pose with the #ccshoefienight #hashtag and get the chance to win a pair of shoes from @centralcentralshop

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At @centralcentralshop for the #ccshoefienight with the sexy @modelonehk #models

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How cute are the pandas and peking duck #FoodArt by #SamanthaLee! #DBSJOY #dbscreditcard @dbsbankhk

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Having a moment with #Toby the keeper of secretes. Come an check out Toby at Time Square Hong Kong. By the amazing artist @garybaseman #squaready #bvandbv @bvandbv

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Happy Birthday Lilly. Lilly turns 1 today. @_hkdr #resucedog #family

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What a cutie pair of rice ball bears by #SamanthaLee! Let's create your own food art now! #DBSJOY #FoodArt #dbscreditcard @dbsbankhk

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