Ana R

The #HKDR charity walk. #squaready

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Thank you for the amazing cover and interview #TVB周刊 #tvbuddy #tvbweekly @tvbweekly

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RG @kevyiu: Lovely selfie ;) @anar @mikkiyao @jocelynlukosandstrom #regramapp

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RG @kevyiu: KEVYIU 2015 S/S presented in Prince Jewellery gala dinner. #regramapp

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Thank you @marykatrantzou I'm so glad to meet you. Your one of my favorite designers. Hope you loved HK and have a great trip in China 💋😘 RG @marykatrantzou: @tinaleung @ana_r ❤️❤️ #joycehk #marykatrantzou #marymoments #regramapp

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Fashion tips by @faye_tsui for #emphasisjewellery love your #style #tips and love @emphasisjewellery

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Great shooting with you again

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RG @tinaleung: Who run the world? Girls!! 👯🎶 Especially Mary's girls! So happy to have you here! ☺️💗 @marykatrantzou @joycehk #nightnightloves #regramapp

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Thank you for the great gift by @Lancome all the things a girl needs in her bag that's always on the go. #beautytips #modellife @modelonehk #anar #ana_r #anarivera #topmodel #hkmodel #koreanmodel #puertorianmodel #girl #selfie #love #makeup #piccollage

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Download the Star Wars App on Wechat. Search under Starwarscn and share your photos with your friends. Disney HK will donate 5$ HK to #HKDR What a cute way to share your love for your four legged friend.

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Favorite Music RMB, Korean Pop, Spanish, any thing that gets you moving... :) Music is the way to life and love.
Favorite Movies Heaven and Earth (Best movie ever it will make you cry)
Birthday 10-29
Gender female

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