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throwbackthursday missing the sun and my husband. Think we need little #tlc time.

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All clipped up and ready to shoot... I guess I should not do and side or back poses..

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RG @bridalmakeoverstudio: It's our pleasure to work with Condé Nast Traveler China editorial team & @ana_r for cover shoot ! Hair & make up by KF Bong, @bridalmakeoverstudio

condenasttraveler#china#anar#maldives#celebrity#makeup#magazine#travelling#fourseasonresort #regramapp

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Just another day at the office.

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RG @numberonepr: This has become a #regular #gathering 😉 @youarexyz @ana_r @jesscambensy @occasionspr #regramapp

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The face off... I don't know if this happens to you in HK but by my house it happens all the time.

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Got to meet Keith Berry at the @upperhouse_hkg for #tumiglobalcitizen #alpha2 #mindreader #speaker

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Happy Birthday #cellmax thanks for all the amazing skincare tips and tricks. 💋👍

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Just a happy thought for everyone in #HK and yes if you have not lost or broke or bought a #umbrella this week you are a lucky person and should pick up a #lotto or #mark6 ticket (thank you to the stranger that helped me when it started to pour. It was so sweet of you to share your umbrella with me. Right when you think HK a lonely city someone shows you how to smile )

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Loving #Loewe and today I'm trying out Uber. So nice and easy. Less stress then a HK cab. Smells nice. A driver with a smile and no farts or burps to deal with. So in love with #uber #ubercab #uberhk

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Ana R * official artist


Favorite Tv Shows Anything on Cartoon Network, Can't help it I'm a kid a heart
Languages Spoken english
Gender female
Favorite Movies Heaven and Earth (Best movie ever it will make you cry)

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