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Use iPad now...so didn't write blog for a long long time!


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Merry x'mas!


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Hello from Suzhou


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Birthday Cookies

Amelie is allergic to egg , so my best Japanese friend taught me how to bake cookies without using eggs .  I prepared these for Amelie 6 years old birthday party at school.

The hole on one of the heart-shaped cookie is for candle.

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Old pic.

An old photo my Grandma gave to my Brother last year, to prove that my parents did get married.



My Grand-parents are on the right hand side of my Mom.  All the men were already in heaven in this photo.......sigh........That is life!

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Chicken Pox

Can't believe my E got chicken pox @ age 40!   He has stayed at home for a week already, probably need to stay one more week.  I think most of us got chicken pox when we were children, and the chicken pox are small and itching.  But my E.'s case is different, the chicken pox are BIG, and painful.  I checked on webs, and it said it's very serious if adult got chicken pox.  He has fever on the first few days, but now is OK, but I think the scars are huge; lucky, he's 40 already, and ...Read more

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ChingMing Festival/ Tomb-Sweeping Festival

Yesterday was the Chinese's ChingMing Festival or also known as " Tomb-Sweeping" Festival.  I brought my E. and Amelie to HK for "tomb sweeping" my Grandpa, my Dad, and my Uncle B.  Amelie's school has activity yesterday and she wanted to go, but I explained to her that it's very important to "visit" my Dad etc. on ChingMing Festival, and I said I'd buy her a Cantonese children&#...Read more

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Still in SZ

NOooooooo, my friends, I'm still trapped in SZ.   not moving to Vietnam/ back to Taipei .

I'm looking for another apartment, cos the contract will be expired in Feb. 24, and this apartment is really "falling apartment", lots of things are broken!   Plus I want to move closer to Shekou, more closer to Amelie's school (walking distance).  The area I'm living right n...Read more

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Amelie's Birthday!

Today is Amelie's Birthday!!!!!  4 years old!  Can't believe she's so big now!   All seem like yesterday - the pain to get pregnant, to have her "out" by c-section, to feed her in mid-night, cried as she's sick........time flies so quickly!

I've bought a Hello Kitty cake to school and she has a little birthday party this morning.  She's so exci...Read more

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Dreamt of my Dad and uncle.

My Dad told me, "just ignore Rxxx (his wife), cos she told nothing true, and visit Grandma when you have time."

My uncle told me," I'm very happy now."

They're so real in my dream, their voices, their faces.

I wonder if that's my reflection in my mind or are they really visiting me in my dream?

It gives me some kind of relief when I know my uncle is happy now, cos he has such a hard time receiving chemical treatment for cancer , and becoming so skinny an...Read more

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Happy 2011!

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