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New Crew and Mixtape Download Link

Yo what it do everyone! This is your boy Amaze. Firstly, thank you to all the fans and fam out there who's been giving me and my partner Young Veezy the support we need and we would appreciate all your love as it just inspires us and motivates us more. I'm terribly sorry i haven't been able to update my page that much as i've been very busy, but I promise you will see more stuff from now onwards :). And I just wanted to let you know that there is a new crew that was recently created named Dope Boy and as i am a member of the group I would love it if you could support and show some love! And below is the link to my first mixtape which was recorded and produced at my home studio. Please do check out my YouTube page too and subscribe n show some love! Respect  So here are the links to the pages:Dope Boy: Dream Mixtape Download:

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Mixtape Update and others.

Yo whats cooking fans, friends, fam, haters? As y'all know that the mixtape has been delayed for a long time already, we are extremely sorry! Specially to those that have been waiting for a long time to hear it. I promise you that your patience has not gone to waste and the mixtape will really blow your mind. It's almost completed, just the final editing is remaining. So i officially announce that the mixtape will be realeasing on the 28TH of NOVEMBER. I promise you this time no more delays. We have put our hearts into the mixtape and hope you guys would enjoy the whole project. Thanks for reading, once again, promising to amaze you, your boy Amaze. PEACE!

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Welcome to my official artist page!

Whatup fam, friends, fans and haters! How y'all been? Welcome to my official artist page. Been waiting and im excited to be updating this profile. Hope ya'll been diggin the music that i've done so far and i promise to amaze you once again with every track and verse! 2T.R.U's mixtape, One Dream will be realeasing on Sept 10. I hope there wont be any delays and things holding us back as we are working hard on amazing you. Thats it for now! Will update soon! Check me out on youtube : . Peace out!


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Fresh Track!

Eyo whasgood my people?? how y'all been?? well amaze is back in town and i aint shuttin down

Heres a fresh track for y'all i hope y'all like it! Peace, AmaZe.. Please rate comment and subscribe. thanks

Download Link: Lyrics:


Verse 1 - AmaZe

Yea im at the top of the world there aint noboby gonna stop me

Of my skills of my rhymes and lines nobody can rob me

Ima keep my reputation high im flyin in the sky

Always handlin the situations and im always down to ride

When it comes to reality i can spit super lyrical

Like my life its a speciality i was born to be a miracle

Got the shirts and the hats the baggy jeans and the blings

My swag is in your man its the only thing that rings

My flows are like butterflys and bees that can sting

All the haters spreadin shit but il always be doing my thing

I am underground but il be there like the lightning

I am uncrowned but im the upcoming king


Verse 2 - Young Veezy

Yeax2 guess whos back again

Young veezys at the top and i aint comin down again

Damn yea you know that im fly

I grew a couple wings and im about to fly high

Put it pppput it on me

Im tryna cop the dollas like ima sell ya a buck of icecream

Haha damn i got the heart of a lion

I ball so damn hard like im bout to put the roof on fire

Brax2 brazil thats me

Im proud from where im from and now they proud of me

Y'all haters keep hatin cuz i aint done now

This is just the beggining ima go hard now


Verse 3 - AmaZe

This life is amazing cuz i love what i do

Strikin to improve, perfect and pursue

Ima fight till my death just to reach my goals

You wanna get in my way man ima take your soul

Ima demonstrate what it takes to run an empire

Got power and swag in my heart this fire

Get everything i want n need by any means

Hustle everyday though im just fifteen

I wanna thank a few for this amazing life

Thank god for this standard of livin and no strife

This flow is the progress ive made today

Engraved in my heart my lines never gon fade away

Work hard and hustle baby till i die

But till then ima fly high in the sky

Never gon drop and never gon stop

Live life like a king goin straight to the top

Spittin like a monster shootin like a glock

Im throwin punch lines like a trigga go pop

My style is clear to the point its precise

It'll make you crazy turn you indecisive

Ima take this chance nobody can cut my wings

Stay real forever after takin all the beatings

Ima praise the gods hopin to be blessed

Ima live for myself be apart from the rest



Peace! Video:

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Eyo whats up people!! hows everybody on alive not dead?? well im fine and ima be realeasing some new tracks soon so yea! check em out in a bit! thanks !



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New Fire!


yo check it out.. new fire track at youtube.. one of my mixtape-album: respect 's song.. hope ya like.. peace

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