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The Perfect Blue

Thank you for the support!  The Perfect Blue has gone up to No.6 in 903 chart this week :) I'm preparing my second single now and can't wait to share it with all of you!  Stay tuned!!!

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The Perfect Blue MV!!

Here it is everyone!  The Music Video for The Perfect Blue, shot by an artist in Chelsea Hotel, New York City. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOTvRr88tbk The music video is filmed by an artist in the famous Chelsea Hotel, in New York City last year 2010. The reason why I chose to film it there is because of its rich artistic culture, the haunted myths, the artists and music heroes that have lived and created there, and the mesmerizing art shown in every cor...Read more

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The Perfect Blue on CDbaby!!

Dear All,

My latest single, The Perfect Blue is finally available for sale on CDBaby (later iTunes & other outlets online).

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ama3 Please support and share to your friends around the world~ :)

A music video will be coming soon! The location where it was shot at is the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York City ~!

Stay tuned~



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New Single Release!

Dear All, Its been a while now since I last updated my aNd!I'm very happy to share with all of you my latest single, The Perfect Blue. ft. HK rapper MastaMic.This song is about when two lovers separate at the crack of dawn, capturing the color in the sky, turning from dark to blue.http://snd.sc/q78bzsPlease have a listen and hope you'll...Read more

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~Every now & Then~ New song written by AMA

Hey there everyone!  Sorry for not updating my blog here...been crazy busy. Anyway, here's the latest video of my show at the Fringe Theatre in January 2011.A song I love and wrote for my 2nd album coming out in July this summer!!! So excited!!!Anyway, this song is called "Everynow & Then", hope you guys will like it :))* In the show playing with me:Skip Moy on guitar, Jezarel Lucero on keyboards and DC on drums~Video: http:/...Read more

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Ama live @ The Melting Pot

Ama teamsup with Skip Moy on guitar, Jezerael Lucero on keyboard and Anthony Fernandes on Drums, for a night of music from the heart and soul, playing new tunes that will soon be launched in Ama's second album. For more info please visit Ama's official website: www.amatistic.comDate: July 8th, 2010Time: 10pm till lateVenue:  The Melting Pot, Winly Building, Shop 3, No 1-5 Elgin Street, Central, HK.Read more

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Change of site

Dear All, My site and blog has now changed to http://www.amatistic.comAll my art and music and updates are there~  So from now on please check over at the new site :)  Thanks~Love,Ama

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New Website!

Hello everyone!  My new website www.amatistic.com is almost ready!  Feel free to check out my music, art and other stuff in there~  Launching my second album and artbook hopefully at the end of this year fingers crossed and working hard :o) Love,Ama

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New arts, music and cultural site!

Dear All,

I'm proud to present http://ahead.com.hk/ a new and innovative site for people who are interested in arts, music and culture based in asia and mostly HK.  I have an artist blog there and you guys can read my sharings.  Will update it whenever I have something to share with you all :-)

Please support!

More news coming soon!



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Gold Coast Music Festival 2009

Dear All,

I'll be performing at the Gold Coast Music Festival tomorrow 7/11 at 3.15pm to 4.15pm.  Will be playing a lot of new songs from my second album.  Hopefully I can see you all there :)


Ama :)



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Hi this is 萱寧 Ama :) I'm a painter and a singer. Art & Music are the two greatest passion in my life~ I cannot choose between the two so I do both~

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