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How it all started..

The chronological history of Diamond Zeus

My bestie Marco with all 3 DZ cars in 2006

My ride :D The award winning ride back in 2006 TXN

Diamond Zeus (hereinafter referred to as DZ) was formed on 2006 with the intention to join a Malaysia's local car competition named The Xtreme Nights (hereinafter referred to as TXN). The initial members of the...Read more

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An evening with Henessy X.O "Appreciation Grows"

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Audi Fashion Festival 2009

What can I say! If you love fashion, head on to Singapore now for this very exclusive event brought to you by MSN and Audi.


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I'm an instant noodle junkie

I know junk food are suppose to be unhealthy but they do come in handy in emergencies Embarrassed


My favourite junk food here are instant noodles ranging from Malaysian, Korean, Japanese and Thai instant noodles. I try to make it healthy in a way by selecting those without MSG and non fried noodles (how lame). To make the instant noodles more pleasurable to eat, I'll som...Read more

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My ride with air suspension

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phfCmKuR2iQ&feature=channel_page

In vipstyle, one of the most important criteria is to get the car low.

This is my definition of low:-

"There's no such thing as being too low." If it doesn't scrape, you're not low enough. And if it doesn't rub, they're not wide enough. No VIP is truly VIP until it's been bagged. When it comes to wheels, VI...Read more

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My Speciality

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8FisqOj93w&feature=channel_page I have a speciality and that is modding cars. I'm not into the performance type of mod but rather Vipstyle they call it. Its a mod that differs to performance mods completely where it emphasises wholely to luxury concept. Overall the car has to look good in all aspects ranging from exterior to the interior. Large wheels, slam down low (Fitment & Stance), bodykits, bagge...Read more

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KL City view from my car

I work 5 days a week from 8:30am to 6:00pm officially and I have to be very mobile while I'm working. Most of the time I travel around the city with my beloved ride and when I have the chance, I will snap with some pics with my mobile phone of the beautiful KL city view as I passed through. Below are some pics that I have taken one morning when I was on my way to work.  Open-mouthed


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Delicious Japanese Fast Food

I love Japanese food. Though they are much simpler in terms of style of cooking and presentations than the Chinese food, I still love them in terms of taste. Most people here will normally head to the hotels or luxury Japanese restaurants for quality Japanese foods. Quality Japanese foods as referred here are normally in the form of Sashimi  and fresh sushi. During my visit to Tokyo for the past three years, I barely had a chance to taste sashimi and sushi there as they were too expensive. Instead, I've tried almost all Japan...Read more

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Our very own football league

Yes I play football but No I don't play them on the field. Once a week my friends and I will organize a football gaming session at my house where we will go against each other in our very own custom league and tournament. My two buddies nicname ledzbling and Wenger are one of the toughest opponents I have ever met. All three of us have our specialities and technics. Wenger is famous for his passing games, ledzbling is good at lobbing and myself is mostly on the wing play. We have been playing FIFA for continuous 2 years and u...Read more

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My dinner the night before

The first thing I want to see after a hectic day of work is definitely my mom's cooking. My mom always believe good food will keep us healthy and get us going for the next day. There is never a single theme on her cooking but mostly fusion I would say. With such good food at home, I find it hard at times to eat out. Like they say mom's cooking is the best! Open-mouthed


Muf...Read more

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