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PREVATION - A Manga Story by Wing Shya

2 years ago, i did a 3 days back-to-back shoot with famed lensman Wing Shya. Sean K was doing the realisation while Vics Kwan did the hair. Exhausting shoot coz I singled handled all the make-up looks for the crew.

I had an amazing time doing this shoot because it was conceptual and I could play with different looks for the cast, as well as the story was conceived by a famous japanese manga writer.

Not to mention it was my birthday during one of the days and I was given a surprise birthday cake at the underground sewage that we were shooting.....haha, it was indeed unforgetable!!

Chivas Studio is now bringing this shoot at Watermark from 5th-8th September. I hope you guys go check out the shoot!

Here are some of the shots(some which are not exhibited)from the shoot:

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Chou 4f chou
I love these pictures I love this color,style and emotion cool~~~
over 11 years ago


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