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From Shanghai to TaiZhou with Coco Lee & Kit Chan

I had a very exhausting week.....came to Shanghai on tuesday and stayed in my hotel to do my personal work for 2 days before working with Kit Chan  陈洁仪 for her DBS private show for World Expo. A snap shot of the make-up I designed for Kit Chan 陈洁仪  A snap shot of the screen showing Kit Chan 陈洁仪 hitting her notes in a cherry red gown by Giambattista Valli Me, Kit and Ryan(hairstylist) posing at the Shangri La Hotel(notice the Pearl Tower behind)Then I had to take on a very gruesome road trip from Shanghai to Nanjing, then from Nanjing I met up with Coco Lee(she came in her own private jet) and then we went to Tai Zhou together. The airport in Tai Zhou is very small so her private jet couldnt fly there. And when everything is done, we had to take a road trip back to Nanjing where Coco boarded her private jet back to Hong Kong. For me, I had to take a road trip from Tai Zhou to Shanghai.....so overall road trip in 24hours was like 11hours and total working hours was 17hours! I was almost dead by the time I reached Shanghai. Too bad I had to come back to Shanghai as I had work there, if not I would had joined Coco in her private jet and not torture myself. I told Coco if not because of her, I wouldnt want to take up this job.....seriously this was my most "tortoureous" job to date....my neck was literally sore even though I was chauffered in a Benz 330.  Can you believe booking this car the whole day to chauffer me from Shanghai to Tai Zhou costs aroud RMB 20,000??? Ridiculous!![](/attachments/2010/07/12/02/69969_201007120233221.thumb.jpg)Coco Lee loves smokey eyes!! She asked me to pile on more and more!! hehe I cant wait to get back to Hong Kong in a few hours time :) 

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he's going to retire on that money as soon as the job is over. :-P
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
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cool! I'm working with kit now on december rains. she's real nice isn't she
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NIce car!
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Lovely pics!
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