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I first came across this brand at Acklands Grainger about a year or two ago. The marker pickup at the time was an instant favorite, due to its appealing design and metal barrel construction.

These markers are a true Marker Lovers marker, and it’s no surprise since they come from Laco-Markal, who have been producing high end industrial for a minute now out of Elk Grove Village Illinois. Just an all around classic look to their entire range.

They have the best website design I have come across from a marker company; the photographs and specs and clarity make for an efficient experience.

Before I start reviewing, I give a big shout out to the peeps at Markal for sending me free samples a week after I sent them an email. I know maybe they just think they are doing their job, but the fact that they even have a separate section/email address specifically to take sample requests is a really nice feature.

MARKAL DURA-INK 200 - I’m sure the earlier version was a metal barrel. This is plastic. The entire DURA-INK range has a consistent and appealing graphic design and layout. It seems to have been designed in the 50’s, and i’m glad that they haven’t changed the wordmark and branding all too much. A really nice black/blue/red color scheme in white. The MARKAL wordmark is anice chisel-tip scrīpt. The DURA-INK wordmark is also chisel-tip scrīpt, verging on bubble letter territory. Both wordmarks are very sign-painterly. Nice blue band on top of label. Clear labelling. MARKS ON ANYTHING - DRIES IMMEDIATELY - LONG-LASTING - WATER RESISTANT. Really nice thick chisel nib. Soft but firm density. The actual ink is a nice borderline indigo black and applies super smooth. This marker is a winner.

MARKAL DURA-INK 80 - This is a valve actuated bullet tip marker. Super nice shiny chrome finish with sticker labelling. I usually don’t like sticker labelling but they did a good job with the finish of the sticker. It looks like it could be screened right on the metal. Heavy duty industrial construction. Marks well.

MARKAL DURA-INK 60 - This is a medium bullet tip, similar in style to the Super Sharpie, so I am interested to see how it compares.  Nice heavy-duty plastic construction with screened on labelling. Thicker than a Super Sharpie, so a bit nicer to hold. Little to no bleed, even on watercolor paper. Makes nice consistent lines. A great addition to the collection.

There are still a couple more Markal products I need to cop. Big fan of the brand.

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