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Blog moved to!

In today's world, everything is about convenience, about connectivity, about efficiency. Having ideas for posts from two days ago is, by today's standard, old news. Hence, I am moving my blog to not because I don't like AnD, on the contrary this has been nothing short of wonderful... it's just that blogspot is integrated with Google Apps which bring everything together... my emails, calendar, now blog, all under my own domain name. All for free! Which means now that due to my preference for Android (Google) it is only natural that I move to the Blogger function within Google Apps.So, it you have nothing to do, come over to and follow my uninspired inspiration...See you there!Peace y'all~Alf

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Brand snob

Yeah, I admit it.

I've always been a bit of brand snob.

Always wanting nice things, and dismissing other things as 'cheap and nasty' and 'crap' simply, well, because of the brand.

Which is why I've gotten myself into so much debt in the past.

Don't get me wrong, I do love a bargain and do shop around until I find the best deal in town... it's just that previously I have been more than willing to buy something with a bigger and better brand over some lessor or even unknown brand.

Good news is that I'm slowly improving... I'm getting better.

I assess the need and the importance of the thing and then determine how cheap I am willing to go.

I now can accept cheaper (and lesser quality) things that are not so important that they otherwise must be brand names etc...

For example, I recent bought a set of car mats for my 'new' car (more on that in a moment). Instead of insisting on buying ones branded with the car manufacturer's logo and pay hundreds of dollars for them, I bought a set (of 4) for A$8.

Yes, A$8... for a set of 4.

Admittedly, they are not fantastic, but for a piece of material that spends it's entire life being stepped on, rubbing the bottom of our shoes, it needn't be fancy.

In the past I would never have accepted it.


But now, I see that there is no point to pay inflated prices just to get a logo or a brand.

Which is why my Bimmer is up for sale. Sank too much money into it and as a result, it has been stressing me out. Selling will recover much needed money and stop further money being sunk into it.

I am not sad or disappointed. Just happy to have owned it. Happy to see it go.

I have already bought and have been driving it's replacement... a 2009 Hyundai Getz (aka Click/TB). It is a very basic city runabout car that has less than a third of the gizmos and gadgets and luxuries I had in the Bimmer... but most importantly, it is cheap to own, run and maintain.

I'm happy with it.

No longer will I aim to own the limited edition green Submariner I saw and lusted after... which incidentally, is worth far more than my Hyundai

And the biggest hurdle has only been within my own mind...

If it takes a nice car for people to give me respect, then I'm almost certainly hanging around the wrong people. 

If people value me based upon the value of my car, then those people are not worth associating with.

If success is judged on the brand of the car, then we judge success on very different scales.

This is a big thing for a car enthusiast like myself.

I will always love and enjoy cars. I will always want to own and drive nice ones. But I will not indulge in them, nor will I grow too attached to them and give up on other things in life just to own a nice car.

If I ever have the means and spare cash, sure I'll buy a nicer car.

But a car must be a reward, but never the goal.

Goes with many things in life.

A lesson I have finally learnt.

It's not too late~

Peace y'all.

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Spring has Sprung...

Despite not being quite Spring yet here downunder, it sure feels like it... today, a nice sunny and bright day outside.

Some good recent news... well, actually old news to some who follow my bookface page...

I am immensely proud that my brother has finally been awarded his PhD!

Although we all knew it was coming and it never came to us as a surprise, you just can't beat that feeling of being immensely proud of the achievements he has done.

More good news to come from him too~

I'm really happy for him that things are looking great for him... the point where people have said to me in words to the effect of, "so, he's doing great, what about you?"


"he's doing really well, what happened to you?"

further still

"he's doing fantastic, aren't you jealous?"

Firstly, I can categorically rule out any jealousy or envy from the outset. Anyone who really and truly cares about someone will never be jealous and/or envious. Instead, they will feel immensely proud, happy and wish them all the very best. All positive.

My brother and I have never been in any competition with each other. He has been the achiever out of the two of us and has chosen a path he truly loves and enjoys.

And because of that, I, as the older brother, am proud and happy that my only brother is doing very well and is happy.

As to what happened to me, that's a different matter entirely

I recently finished a 7-week stint working as an admin person in a youth mental health clinic...

Here, I have gained an understanding and appreciation of the wonderful work that clinicians do with people with mental health issues. I have gained a glimpse of some of the problems that young people face and some of the causes...

It is saddening to see so many people in need of help and support, and so little being available to them...

But, by the same token, it is slightly positive to see that some people do see that they have problems and need help, and that they accept that they have such conditions, and that they don't hide or shy away from them.

Just like some people have diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, or hayfever and allergies, others have mental illnesses, and that with proper care and assistance they can control the issues and lead normal lives.

So, now what? Where from here?

Who knows?

WIsh me luck...

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Life's a journey...and other thoughts...

Some say, life's like a journey, and that the destination is not important.

I used to be a flight attendant... albeit a domestic one, with very limited international flights...

So for me, some days would be 11 hours long (not including getting to and from work) and it'll be a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, then Melbourne to Sydney, the Sydney back to Melbourne, and finally Melbourne back to Sydney... with loading of catering in between, and assisting with boarding etc...

Rush, rush, rush.... a few hundred breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and light snack lunch boxes later, I'm back in Sydney and I still need to drive home.

11 freaking hours and I end up back in Sydney...

So, the journey was shit and the destination is the same old, same old....boring....

Is life is going to be the same?

What is it that you want from life?

Does it change from day to day?

Do you want something so bad one day, only to despise it the next?

Do you work so hard at one thing one moment, only to tear it apart and rip it to shreds in the next instant?

Do you love someone one day, and then kick them in the guts the next day? or repeat several times a day?

Why is it that humans always finds the most inappropriate things to say at the most inappropriate times?

Why is it that humans are so good at telling people things they should tell themselves?

Why is it that humans always deny any wrongdoing, and are first to blame others?

Why do I ask so many questions?

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The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me...

I have had many dreams in my life... far too many...

No, I'm not talking about the counting sheep variety, or those randomly created while catching those ZZZzzz...s

I'm talking about dreams and aspirations...

But, I have not turned many of these into goals.

As previously mentioned...

...a dream is wanting to do something.... thinking about it...wishing...

...a goal is actually taking steps to achieve it...the doing...

It has taken me many years to work out what I want...

So I wanted to be an actor... I did something about it... quit my job, and pursued it.... yes, it sent me broke and I didn't get anywhere...

But do I regret it?


And now I have given it up.

Will I regret it this time?



Because I have other goals.

Career-wise, I have no idea what I want... well, I know what I want, but the sacrifices to pursue that are too great.... and I am not going to sacrifice my big goal for the sake of it...

However, on the personal side of things, I know what I want... and I am willing to work hard to make it happen.

But because I'm broke, I am really testing my patience... and hers.

When you want something so bad, you won't mind working hard to achieve it... to make it happen.

But if you just think about it...if you only wonder...if you only wish... but not do anything about it, then perhaps you don't want it badly enough.


As the cliche goes, it's not always about the result... it's the process...

We can (and often do) say, "well, it's going to fail, so I'm not even going to try"... or "they have it easy, therefore I am jealous" but then do nothing about it...

Or, we can at least give it a go.

The key is, when to let go.

Some people don't let go. That's fine. But as we know in life, we can't have it all. Most of the time in life, especially the bigger and important things, we can have either or, but not both. And becuase humans are seldomly content...we're all greedy... when we have one, we want the other...when we have both, we want a third.

Like when I was a teenager, I wanted a car... any car would do... I would have taken my dad's 1982 Honda Accord with a 3-speed Hondamatic gearbox... all 90bhp in that 1.5 litre... mind you this was in 1996...

When I got to drive that car, I was looking at other people's Integras, Preludes...

Then with each car I bought, which were arguably better than each preceding car, I'd want a better one.

But now, I can do away with nice cars... I can do away with many personal indulgences because what I want the most cannot be replaced by these material things.


My apologies for digressing...


Of course, we don't and won't do absolutely everything to achieve what we want... there are always things we don't do... but there is no uniform standard... it is highly subjective and how high/low will you go depends on many different factors...

Some people would literally kill to achieve something, whether it be for money, drugs, love, a job... or all of the above. Or others will lie, cheat, steal and beg. Some people sell their organs... Some prostitute their minds... their souls... their bodies...

While others will simple willing to work hard (and smartly) to achieve what they want, albeit achieve less in a longer period of time.

Sometimes we do things we don't like 100% ... is there ever a situation where we love what we do 100% of the time? I doubt it. But there is a bottom line...

I dislike routine. I dislike the same old 9 to 5 job where every day is the same.

Day on day, month on month, year on year...

I dislike mind-numbing jobs that don't challenge me on an intellectual level... I dislike jobs that don't utilise my skills and talents... I dislike jobs where idiots run the show... I dislike jobs where I am not taken seriously...

But there are many other things I dislike more, and so I put up with those things because I constantly remind myself that there are bigger goals at stake here...

...and so I try to find the positive side of everything I do... even those things I dislike...

Yes, I will whinge, and whine and complain... but I never lose focus.

But there is one thing I dislike the most... and that is, for the sake of little trifles, I miss out on the big goal... I dislike missing out on the big picture because I gave up because of same little insignificant setback...

Therefore, I will continue to work hard... despite not liking office jobs... to achieve my biggest goal in my life.

And I hope she will remain patient.

If and when acting opportunies present themselves where I can achieve more than one goal at the same time, then that would be great. I am open to that. Not closing any doors...


I met a former accountant who has now become a franchisee for a cleaning company... I first thought, "is this guy insane?" but as he explained it more, it made sense. He charges only $30 an hour to clean offices... it takes him roughly 4 hours to clean a smallish sided offce (say, 10-15 rooms) and that is how much he quotes and get paid. So, no matter how fast or slow it takes him to finish, he still gets paid the same...

(I dare say most accountants get paid more than $30 an hour...)

But in essence, he hires 1 other person at $15 an hour to assist him... which means that same office is now cleaned in under 2 hours.

So, he gets paid $120 to clean the office which takes him 4 hours to do if alone

...or alternatively...

he still gets paid $120 minus $30 = $90 to clean the office in 2 hours ... with 1 staff.

So, in the same 4 hours then, he can now go and clean 2 offices..

Therefore $240 - $60 = $180 for 4 hours with 1 staff.

Same timeframe, more income...if everyone works together...

So my point is, work smarter pays off... he still works 4 hours... but in that same 4 hours, with assistance, he can increase his earnings but 50% without working any harder...

No, I am not looking to become a cleaner... those who think I am interested in that have missed my point...


I recently had a car accident... I'm fine... the car's not too bad... but it was technically my fault... a temporary lapse in concentration and 'BAM!' a 3 car pile-up. It has come at a time where money is a tight as a bodybuilder's abs... (or an Mr Scrooge's ass), where bills are overdue, financial institutions on my back... but I still see the positive side of things... noone was hurt... I wasn't hurt.

Yes it is a major setback... that money would've been useful to pay off some debts... but... it's life... and I must keep the momentum going and moving forward...

I must and will continue to work hard, and I look forward to finally achieving my goal with Lina.


What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

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A New Leaf? Or is it?

I'm turning over a new leaf...

Pursuing an acing career in Sydney has sent me broke...

Too much at stake here... other wonderful things need to be done and can't wait for me to maybe/maybe not be able to earn a living as an actor...

Hence, I'm turning over a new leaf... albeit an already familiar one...'s back to office admin work...

I only have 2 temp jobs lined up that will only see me good for a month while I await permanent opportunities to arise... I'm hopeful that acting will call me again, but I will not waste time waiting for it to come....

...and I will save up money/pay off debts, and move to the next stage of my life, with the one I love...

Unless an opportunity presents itself to me, in which I will grab onto, acting in Sydney is pretty much over...

'So long and thanks for all the fish.'

Am I sad? Not really.

I am just a bit disappointed I didn't achieve much... but that's just how it is.

Life goes on, no point wasting time thinking about what could/should/would but didn't happen.

Life is short, make the most of it.

The purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness... if one thing doesn't work and makes you sad, drop it, move on, and focus on all the other good things that make you happy...

Peace y'all~

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One Good Guy

I've been labelled a 'good guy' during my life... several occasions, actually.

It sounds like bragging, I know, but it isn't.

You see, a 'good guy' can be a kind person... someone who is, 'alright'... alright to be around as company, alright as in 'not bad'...

It can be a compliment.


A 'good guy' is not a 'great guy'... a good guy is the back up plan, for when the 'great guy' is not available... the good guy is uninspiring, just someone who you don't mind letting hang around you... only a great guy is what people look forward to.

A great guy inspires people, adored by people.

A great guy causes other people to change, is the one to die for, and is the unforgettable one.

A good guy isn't.

So being labelled a 'good guy', sometimes, is no compliment at all... they are simply politely saying that you're actually only an ordinary person...

So I've been a good guy... I've done nothing wrong... I have given my all...more than anyone else could or would or should give...

Yet, that is not enough... all because I'm not a great guy...

Will I ever be good enough to be great?

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3rd and final entry for 3 April 2011

I'm working hard on my big picture too...

Thank you for choosing to take this journey with me~ so much lovelier with you by my side!

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Blog update - 4 April 2011

This would be my 38th published blog entry on this site...

Highest number of views on an entry: 64

Lowest number of views on an entry: 12

Average number of views: 32

Total views: 1201

That's 1200 more than I deserve... thank you everyone for your support!

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Random thoughts - 4 April 2011

Another collection of random thoughts not aimed at anyone or anything... just thoughts and (often) twisted logic I couldn't be bothered writing down on a piece of paper (lest I misplace it)...

Not everyone will understand what I mean... not everyone will appreciate it... not everyone will agree with me...

  A Simple Life

There is nothing 'simple' about a simple life...

Needs and Wants

'Needs' are simple... is the pursuit of satisfying those needs that is complicated.

People say 'wants' are not essential; are optional... but 'wants' go a long way to satify people's needs.

Just like the old cliche, 'money can't buy you love', but without money, you can't buy anything... and love isn't going to buy you much either'  you need both...and money can help maintain love...

Two sides to a coin

There are more than two sides to a coin.

It takes two to tango

But there are many, many others involved in making sure the two actually get to the point of tango.

Same negative situation - different reaction

How we choose to react to a given bad situation doesn't change the situation itself. We should aim not to let things get to us too much. Especially when it involves anger, hatred or embarassment. It's not worth it.

No expectations = no disappointment

How boring would life be if we had no expectations? Do people then 'expect' no expectations???

Just be realistic about what you expect.

Use your own brain

But hear and listen to others. Not all people are jerks. Some people do actually have good things to offer.

Learn from bad past experiencesBut don't let them scar you for life to the point where you cannot enjoy the good things that will come.

True inspiration

People are inspired by you... you don't go out to deliberately inspire people.

Emotional talk

...may not necessarily always reflect true feelings... especially when angry. Best not to talk during those times, in case you regret some things you say.

Better to remain silent

I still think the quote, 'Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt' is gold. Probably not a bad one to read in conjunction with 'Emotional talk' above.

Be positive, and be glad for what you have  

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