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  • Hittin the Canada Radio and Airwaves FM96.1 and Channel 180! Plus Conclusion on the Exciting 2010 Winter Olympics Saga and Beyond!

    Friday, Feb 26, 2010 11:16AM / Standard Entry

    Breaking News: 2010 Winter Olympics CTV Report

    Last I left off, my friend Audrey and I were running into Olympic athletes by the Olympic Village. Well, it just so happens that we ran into a few more.

    Canadian Olympic Aerialists

    There were a whole bunch of street performances and we bumped into a couple of athletes on their day off. The guys above represented team Canada in skiing and aerials.

    My old roommate Matt also kept raving about this delicious hai nam chicken at his friends restaurant so Audrey and I went to check it out.

    It was in fact the most delicious Hai Nam Chicken I have ever had!

    Hai Nam Chicken

    Just looking at it makes my mouth water… =P

    So crazy story- The crazy friends I ran into decided to invite me over to their apartment (right over downtown/robson st) to watch the US vs Canada hockey game. This was a huge game. The US started off with a lead and then the score tied, but right before each break the US would be up by 1. As you all know Canadians LOVE hockey and the streets were filled with Canadians (by the way I got love for Canada, but of course we were thrilled to be supporting team USA). We decided to run down to the local bar downstairs with blazing Red White and Blue cheering amongst the “Go Canada” cheers.

    USA vs Canada Hockey Game

    Well some drunk fans decided to follow us home after we drank our beers at the bar. At first no one else in my party noticed that people were running after us (2 guys and 1 girl.. and the girl was like the first to get aggressive with us) and then as we got to the apartment gate I said hey turn around guys.. as we turned around they slowed their run and then said.. “oh hey, u live here?.. umm you must know the score right?” Anyways, as the conversation progressed it got more heated. In the end the last part of the game was about to start and I told them to relax and and we decided it wasn’t worth it to argue with some drunk people who were looking to start shit. In the end the US won 5-3 and it was an exciting game. My friends had to go catch another game live so right after they packed up and head out. I think if we ran around the streets in hardcore USA gear after that game there definitely would’ve been more heated confrontations. haha all in all exciting day though!

    The last day of my trip was a little more calm. Lydia’s mom works for Fairchild Media Group on a radio station FM96.1 and also has a TV show on channel 180 that broadcasts throughout Canada so when we met and she found out about what I’ve been up to lately with wushu and acting she decided to have me on air as a guest.

    Here’s a clip of me in the studio.

    The interview was mainly in Chinese and it made me continue to realize how important it is for me to practice my Chinese. We also did a separate taping for a TV show where she has guests come in. She has interviewed hundreds of celebrities including DONNIE YEN.. so yeah, I was excited to be a guest on her show! =)

    Here is a pic of me and aunt Carmen.

    Fairchild Media Group

    My return to LA was quite smooth because they check all your immigration information over on the Canada side. That was quite interesting. I’m back in LA for the third time this year and been getting back to work.

    Upon my return I immediately jam packed my schedule and met up with a producer friend to watch a rough cut of a pilot we worked on. I was a little afraid of the outcome because it’s supposed to be funny and if I didn’t think it was funny, I would be pretty let down. It’s not done yet, but I was definitely laughing so I am looking forward to the finished version. We have to do some pick ups and film more next weekend, but then it should be done and ready to pitch to some networks in a month or two.

    Lastly as a favor to my buddy Andy (CEO of an online gaming company), he asked me to help him get some professional pictures that he could use for newsletters and press releases. I wanted to put my Nikon D60 to use so I snapped away. He seemed pretty satisfied with the results and I feel a lot more comfortable getting the shots that people want and finding a look that people want to see. This is not the final profile shot he chose, but it’s a picture that I could imagine in some entrepreneur magazine, so I went ahead and slapped this picture together for fun.

    Alright, that’s it for the epic last minute Olympic Adventure. I will update you on the latest work and business developments next time! Cheers!


  • My Encounter with Maria Lamb USA Women’s Olympic Speed Skater in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics – Go USA!

    Friday, Feb 19, 2010 12:43PM / Standard Entry

    Alfred Hsing and Maria Lamb at the 2010 Winter Olympics!

    Well, it’s been only 1 1/2 days and my trip already has been filled with quite the excitement. First let me recount my Jason Bourne type adventure at the airport. Originally, a friend asked me to help out a little with some business in Canada. He had some work visa issues, so the whole thing was canceled. One of his other friends was deported a day before I flew in to Canada due to these issues. I fly in not thinking much of the situation because I am going to Vancouver to have a good time and hang out with some friends while taking in the Olympic atmosphere.

    After I arrive to the airport, I pass immigration and head for the door. I am politely directed to this long white room with metal desks – It’s the interrogation room! I wait for quite some time and then get grilled for like an hour and then the officer takes my passport back into this information room and tells me to wait. I wait for what seems like 40 minutes before she comes back out. She comes out and says that the jig is up! “I am just going to come out with it, we know what you and your buddies are up to. You going to come clean or keep up with this story? We know about this Beard Head operation”

    At that point I tell her what happened – that I was going to help out, but due to work visa issues, the whole thing was canceled and I was going to meet up some friends and enjoy Vancouver. After a few more questions and jotting down my information I am finally let go.

    I am glad the whole situation was able to be cleared up, but it was an interesting experience! I felt like I was in a CIA movie.. although it probably would not have been fun to be deported!

    FORTUNATELY, I was not deported because….. I got to meet USA Women’s Olympic Team Speed Skater Maria Lamb today! In 2005, she was the U.S. National Allround Champion and she holds Junior records in the 3000m and 1500m as well as the Allround Points National record holder. Maria Lamb skated at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino in the 1500m and Team Pursuit. I ran into her (while wearing my beard head) and she was gracious enough to take some speed skating pictures with me and my friend Audrey. In the picture above (at the top) I am doing the push/glide move for straightaways and she is doing the starting line pose! Busting out my 6 years of speed skating skills for the win! Speed skating is one of my favorite winter game events because I used to do inline and ice many years ago and when I watch them I get to relive some of those moments. I also saw some olympic athletes in their team jackets running and doing warm ups… my blood started rushing thinking about the warm ups I did a day or two before world championships in Toronto. I am totally reliving certain moments just being in this environment and feeling the thoughts and energies going through these athletes’ minds.

    Vancouver Olympics Japans Mens Snowboarding Team

    We also bumped into Japan’s olympic snowboarding team members. The guy on my right does half pipe! and…. if you didn’t notice… thats right! The one and ONLY Beard Head that actually made it across the border! This one is NOT for sale. It’s my personal face warmer and it’s doing a good job. This is a personal shout out to David – Even though you couldn’t sell them here a TON of people have been giving me great comments and feedback and more than 1 person has asked where they can get them! =)

    Here is a pic of my friend Lyd and her twin sister Fara. She showed me around Yaletown and Gas town the night I arrived and I had tasty tuna crepe (maybe cuz I was starving..) I barely ate anything since I got on the plane.

    First day in Vancouver for the winter olympics

    Then a little Canada love?

    USA Canada. Misguided Allegiances?


    Team USA at the Vancouver Olympics

    I randomly ran into my friend Jacob.. and we actually both didn’t notice each other! We were both just yelling and screaming GO USA and celebrating until I did a double take and saw it was none other than myspace worker drift and club photographer JacobPhoto!

    All in all, the atmosphere has been great and this trip has definitely been worth it. I am so thankful for having a place to stay with friends and I hope Team USA and all the athletes here in Vancouver have the performance of their lives!


  • Beard Head Mission Aborted, but I’m Still Going to the Olympics.

    Thursday, Feb 18, 2010 6:06AM / Standard Entry

    my homie lyd

    Crazy 24 hours. Beard Head mission aborted due to work visa issues.. so now I do not have an all expense paid trip to Vancouver.. but we had a 1 way non refundable ticket to Vancouver… also I had no place to stay.

    So… all within 2-3 hours this morning I booked a one way return flight for Tuesday and found a place to stay. My fam friend Lyd is awesome and is gunna let me crash at her uncles place. Now I won’t be doing any work, but just taking in the sights of the Olympics. I also managed to get a little bit of work done today as well. I updated a thumbnail for wushukicks on the 18th Annual CMAT martial arts tournament page (see it here! http://cmat.ucmap.org/) and handled vehicle registration and well as some other misc work.

    I have to head to the airport soon.. in about 2 hours but anyways just wanted to do a quick update on my crazy winter olympics situation.

    I hope to watch the men’s 1500m speed skating and or figure skating over the weekend.. but aside from that I will be playing everything by ear. Hopefully I’ll spend a few days with good friends and have a good time and come back in one piece. Cheers!


  • Rush Flight to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver! Beard Head Love!

    Tuesday, Feb 16, 2010 11:04PM / Standard Entry

    2010 winter olympics vancouver

    Well, I’m going to keep this entry short but sweet. I’m off to the 2010 VANCOUVER HOSTED WINTER OLYMPICS!! WOOOT! I will be flying in to vancouver Wed. night. Anyone around the van area give me a holler before I head out.

    My friend has a business called Beard Head and due to various circumstances was unable to go sell his product in vancouver, so he is having me and a few other friends help manage the sales in vancouver. Meanwhile we should be staying at a pretty cool condo near the olympic games and hopefully checking out some cool events and parties. This will be my first olympics and its also been quite a while since I was in vancouver… though I was just in Toronto not too long ago.

    As I said, short but sweet. See you all at the games!

    beard head

    Cheers to Beard Head for making this awesome trip possible. Please check out these awesome beard caps at www.beardhead.com.


  • My First Donation! Thank you so much for the support Tiger Shark!! Plus… why donate.

    Tuesday, Feb 16, 2010 3:25AM / Standard Entry

    I think the title of the post says it all.. but just to announce it, I got my FIRST DONATION today!


    first donation

    When I first set up my blog, I found this donation tool and put it up, but then after a month or so I took it down because I thought, who really cares about donating to me and it’s probably a stupid idea… and in fact!.. just a few days ago I was upgrading some plug-ins on the blog (just to make sure its spam and virus FREE!) I saw this “donate tool” O_o…. so I thought, I’m pretty unemployed; it couldn’t hurt to put it back up.

    …and u know what miracles do happen. A few short days after I put the donate tool up, I got my first donation.

    I want to say THANK YOU again.

    I think these contributions big or small are helpful to me because for one thing.. I am unemployed. haha. I am not saying that I will starve, but when you give up stability for an unstable but passion filled future the more financial support you have, the easier it is to keep your wits about you and help you stay focused on purely doing what you do and achieving those goals. It shows me that people who are following my journey support what I am doing. To me, it means that I have made a connection in some way whether it’s just an entertaining post, an inspirational beam of hope, or a reflection of someone else’s life and goals. It helps me continue on my path towards success in business, entertainment, and martial arts. It helps me continue writing this chapter of my life’s story.

    I don’t think I have mentioned this phase in my life yet.. because I probably didn’t feel it was relevant until this post.. BUT.. what are my plans if and when I achieve these goals I set out to do ?

    I would like to re-focus my energies on creating a charity or foundation to spread good. I have not thought that far ahead as to what specific aims this foundation would focus on because its too far forward right now and things always change… I feel that when that time is near I will be inspired by something in my life and know what the focus should be on. In a general picture I think I am always in support of medical research, children, and the environment.

    I guess I am just talking out loud again, but yeah, in addition to helping me “make it” in these goals I have.. I see it that anything that helps me and my businesses succeed is something that also helps my foundation succeed. I know that it is pretty presumptuous to think that I will be so successful that I can actually create such a foundation or non profit organization, but these are just my plans and I am verbalizing them. I don’t know what the future will bring I can only gravitate towards my goals and make them known so that if there are like-minded people our efforts can be in unison.

    Enough philanthropy talk. Time for me to go train. =)



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