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  • Alfred Hsing (邢思杰)
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  • Cool activities of this week 2009-09-14

    Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009 6:00AM / Standard Entry


  • A Day in the Life of a Teppanyaki Hibachi Chef!

    Saturday, Sep 12, 2009 2:16AM / Standard Entry

    Hibachi Teppanyaki Training

    Now I am proficient in straight sword, broad sword, and teppanyaki spatula! This was for some sort of documentary/commercial type shoot. A friend told Eliver and I last minute so I actually woke up at 6:30am all groggy and tired from a night of sake bombing and stumbled into my Hibachi chef suit. Anyways, check out my Hibachi skillzzz.

    In other news, I got Angels Tea business cards made. I think they look pretty nice.

    Tea Business Cards

    Tea Business Cards

    Quick Recap of the week:
    Thurs - Trained at UCLA gym. It was good seeing old faces.
    Fri - My friend Eric came in from up north. We went to Opera.
    Sat - Picked up Eric from Venice beach and on the way home got a ticket. I got the ticket because a lady just put her foot down in the cross walk as I was finishing a left turn. Went out to Halo with Eric and Hue. Ended up chilling at that one pizza place until almost 4am.
    Sun - Did some light sparring/24 Hour Fitness training. Went to Sherry/Zero’s awesome Luau with Glen. I played with fire. I messed around and played with those fire torches that are used in fire performances.
    Mon - Went to SCWA for some real hardcore training. It was good seeing Sifu Ho since I havent been back since after team trials. Dennis, Ngan, Andrew, and Justin Yu were there. We did each section 4 times for empty hand and then same thing for short weapon. On top of that I did one full form and 3/4 of a full form for straight sword. Came back and had a meeting with a friend over some marketing points for my tea demographic. It really helped clear my path and direction for the business.
    Tues - Cold Case auditions. The reading was fun. I was the son of an asian store owner that meddled with the mafia. Got a FLAT TIRE when I got back to my car. Maybe somebody didn’t want me to make it to that audition! Spent the whole rest of the day getting my tire repaired. Ryan, Joanna, and Yenny swung by. Did some guitaring and then went for dinner and sakes.
    Wed - Woke up at the crack of dawn. Went from child to Hibachi Chef in an AC-less room with fireballs (literally) and nothing but warm water in the course of 10 hours. Trained at 99 after Teppanyaki-ing
    Thurs - Got a whole bunch of errands done like getting a printer, mailing out tea orders, going to the bank, paying bills, and of course training wushu.

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  • Cool activities of this week 2009-09-07

    Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009 6:00AM / Standard Entry

    • FIRST TEA SALE at a store! JUL HEAD in ALHAMBRA – http://ping.fm/RW2YK #
    • woohoo just made another sale! my day was slow until 6pm and then things picked up! =) #
    • going to be on the nomnom truck today! come find us at usc! http://www.nomnomtruck.com for exact location #
    • im in the nom nom truck now on hoover and jefferson by usc! come come out! #
    • NOM NOM PIECE in the CASUALISCOOL TIMES – http://ping.fm/IldbR #
    • me vs my brother – http://bit.ly/4ukOSj
      #fightscene #
    • hate my life right now. got a ticket because a pedestrian had 1 foot off the sidewalk as I made a right turn. #
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  • Jet Li vs Jackie Chan – 2 Brothers Fight on Screen for the First Time!

    Saturday, Sep 5, 2009 6:46AM / Standard Entry

    I almost feel that I don’t give the title justice with this fun little fight/chase clip, but it’s more just the fact that we love martial arts because of Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I promise we will film something better.

    Anyways, here’s the background on this clip that I posted on youtube as well.

    Alfred vs Alvin First Time on Screen Together. (http://www.alfredrocks.com for actual demo reel)

    This is actually a fun short we shot in December of 2008. I went home to visit my family and filmed this with my actual brother. I just titled it Jet Li vs Jackie Chan because when we were younger we used to always watch Jet and Jackie on screen and we grew up to also be martial artists.

    This was basically shot one person at a time and sometimes we set the camera on the floor to record both of us. haha.. it was also shot after lunch.. and then we had to get home for dinner (we were having family over and my mom made some delicious food)… so just a little perspective that its to be taken lightly.

    Big thanks to my roommate eliver (http://www.eliverling.com) for helping me edit this or else the footage would have been sitting collecting dust. Ignore any possible inconsistencies because we literally shot it with one person filming the other. haha enjoy!


  • Nom Nom Truck Angels Tea Kinda Day! Nom Nom!

    Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 1:28AM / Standard Entry

    Nom Nom Truck and I

    Nom Nom Banh Mi - Photo Courtesy of NomNomTruck.com

    The day started off not being a Nom Nom day. I was responding to emails, updating content, and making some tweaks to various sites. A little after noon I took a shower after teaching a wushu class. When I got out I saw a missed call from David. The day suddenly became Nom Nom. David is my partner on PokerBling.com and also one of the founders of nomnomtruck.com. He was going on a dinner run with the Nom Nom Truck for the first time at USC and wanted to see if I wanted to join. It would be fun and I had already done some light training for the day. I was there.

    Co-founder Jen aka Maestro of Nom Nom

    Here is us in the nom nom truck.

    David and I had just brought a ton of baguettes to the truck and then we proceeded to slice, dice, and grill! Then when we finished. We headed out to the forbidden land – USC! (Kidding! – Joke cuz I went to UCLA)

    Here is a clip of us driving to USC. This is why I titled the post A Nom Nom Angels Tea Kinda Day. There’s all kinds of things going on in the car. There is Tiger Beer, Sexy Tea, Monica in the backseat, a green nom nom truck. It was just too fun.

    Monica seemed to really like the tea blend back there. =P Made me feel good too! =) Had to turn the camera off because I was doing a little thing called driving.

    Finally we served the delicious banh mi, grilled pork tacos (a personal fave), lemongrass chicken tacos, and spring rolls. Bryant from wushu saw my twitter and came on out! Thanks for dropping by Sky and Bryant!

    Bryant and Sky at Nom Nom Truck

    Another satisfied customer!

    Nom Nom Satisfied Customer

    Afterward we wrapped up and headed back to the truck drop off point. It was a fun experience for me taking customer orders, packing food, making sandwiches, talking to customers about the nom nom truck.



  • In 2009 Alfred Hsing (邢思杰) left his career in finance to pursue his dreams...


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