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wack 13 minute magazine party...

so, this was suppose to be some classy magazine premier party at a warehouse in Santa Ana.  I should of known something was up when it was at a Santa Ana....

So my friend Gina and Lisa were GOGO dancing at the party, assuming that we can get in free and no line.  (yea I know I'm spoiled.)  Anyway, we don't have to worry about the line because THERE WAS NO FREAKING LINE.  As we get to the front, I had mentioned Gina's name, and the ugly cashier girl said "The GOGOs don't get comps" with an attitude.  So we paid anyway because we said that we'd go visit Gina. 

Then we got into the party, I hate to say this, but, WE WERE THE BEST LOOKING ONES AT THE PARTY!  The fashion show was horrible, during the middle, there was a power shortage.  Probably because the warehouse couldn't support the "loud speakers."  Also, the "bartenders" didn't even know how to make a SEX ON THE BEACH.  Anyhow, I felt so bad for my husband.  The party was so lame that he had to buy lots of drinks so he can have more fun.  WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!  NEVER AGAIN!!!! 


But all in all, WE had fun because we're good looking fun people.  =)   I love my new male model friends.

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My first blog on AnD

Hello everyone ^_^

don't really know what to write for my first blog...nothing interesting happening to me at the moment.  I've been eating so much food that I've eating myself a new buddy..Miss Muffin Top.  So, now just taking yoga and trying to work all that dim sum goodness off.  Will come back once I do my first photo shoot in 2009!!!

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