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Pump-And-Dump Frauds and Penny Stocks

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We constantly hear the anxiety on going green and producing substitute sources of vitality not only for conserving power but also for fighting world-wide warming.

o Nano Solar

o Miasole

o China Sunergy (CSUN)

o LDK Solar (LDK)

o Solarfun (SOLF)

In addition to the above there are a big quantity of smaller sized gamers which are even now below the improvement stage. Most of these are young organizations. Consider the situation of First Solar. Even this organization started only in Nov 2006.

On The Thresholds of High Tech Bubble

To several critics, investing in solar stocks is just like investing in substantial tech stocks in the direction of the end of the last century only to burst. To them there is much hype associated with these stocks. The main motive for this impression is that it is really complicated to create affordable and viable solar power. Expenditures associated with these are extremely large and consequently, it is incredibly tough to be profitable.

This is also confirmed with the behavior of equity charges. With all time highs, most of these stocks fell by as a lot as 50 per cent at one time. These are particularly volatile and might not be appropriate for majority of investors.

It is also opined that there are quite a few other substantial growth organizations in which traders can put their incomes. There is no need to have to risk one's income in these risky stocks.

Quite a few solar stocks like Solarfun and Initial Solar rose several fold during 2007 alone. Mainly because of the greed involved in stock markets, numerous traders tend to get attracted and in the end get rid of their income.

Most of these corporations are china based mostly. We may not be positive of the last valuations of their firms.

The Vivid Side

On the other hand, all is not gloomy with solar stocks. Solar organizations have billions of prolonged term contacts, they have brilliant advice, they are backed by their nationwide governments and in some nations there is plenty of sunshine accessible, ready for exploitation.

Venture capitalists are pouring in large amounts of money in this energy sub sector. Who knows some solar stocks may possibly turn out to be gold mines.


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