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  • Blog: Monday, Dec 15

    Monday, Dec 15, 2008 5:56PM / Members only

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAm8wlPXxmc


    Hoshi ni negai wo kaze ni puraido noseta toki 
    Kyougake senai asuga mieru yo kitto ne... 
    When I wish on a star, with my pride on the wind 
    I'll surely be able to see a tomorrow that can't be erased by today... 
    I wish 
    Doushite koko ni iru no 
    Oshiete kudasai ima sugu 
    Mieru mono ga subete ja nai no ne 
    I wish 
    Why are we here? 
    Please tell me soon 
    What we see isn't everything 
    Samu sani furueru kara ude too sujaketto 
    Itsuno ma nika sukitoo teitte 
    Kibou ni natteku 
    I'm shivering with the cold, so I cover my arms with a jacket 
    Before I know it, it becomes transparent 
    And turns into hope 
    Mirai no ame ga hoho wo nuraseba omoidasu 
    Atsuku nare ano hi ano toki 
    When the rain of the future wets my cheeks I remember 
    Be passionate, that day, that time 
    Hoshi ni negai wo kaze ni puraido nosetatoki 
    Kyougake senai asu ga mieru yo kitto ne... 
    When I wish on a star, with my pride on the wind 
    I'll surely be able to see a tomorrow that can't be erased by today... 
    I wish 
    Suitchi on shitara 
    Koi suru koto mo dekiru to 
    Kinou made wa shinjiteta mirakuru 
    I wish 
    If I turn on a switch 
    I'll be able to fall in love 
    Until yesterday I believed that, it's a miracle 
    Haato wo utsusu hitomi furimukeba aru kara 
    Ikiteru koto suteki da yo to 
    Ima nara baomoeru 
    If I turn around I'll find your heart reflected in your eyes 
    Because of that, now I'm able 
    To think it's wonderful to be alive 
    Mirai no ame ga machi wo nuraseba omoidasu 
    Kirameite ano hi ano toki 
    When the rain of the future wets the city I remember 
    Shine, that day, that time 
    Hoshi ni negai wo kaze ni puraido noseta toki 
    Hora ne chiisana negai kanau yo kitto ne... 
    When I wish on a star, with my pride on the wind 
    Look, surely our small wishes will be granted... 
    Mirai no ame ga hoho wo nuraseba omoidasu 
    Atsuku na re ano hi ano toki 
    When the rain of the future wets my cheeks I remember 
    Be passionate, that day, that time 
    Hoshi ni negai wo kaze ni puraido noseta toki 
    Kyou ga kesenai asu ga mieru yo kitto ne...
    When I wish on a star, with my pride on the wind 
    I'll surely be able to see a tomorrow that can't be erased by today...


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  • DaRK PoKEmoN

    Monday, Dec 15, 2008 5:10PM / Members only

    The Dark POKeMON War Started then Giovani the leader of Team Rocket opened the gates to the Astrel Plane (aka Hell) to release powerful POKeMON called forbidden POKeMON and control them to do his bidding. The POKeMON Leauge master sent Ash (who was a former league master himself who had re-joined the League after spilitting up will his long-time girlfriend Misty) and Valdera (a new member of the POKeMON League) to stop Giovani from opening the gates, they were to late to stop him. However Giovani could not control the power of the Astrel Plane and was killed seconds after he opened it. Caught in the wake of the power of the Astrel Plane Ash, Valdera and thier pikachu's were changed. Ash had become the Shadow Master and Valdera had become the Light Master, both of there pikachus were changed to forbidden POKeMON, POKeMON that were unnatural what went over the highest level 100.
    Forbidden POKeMON were being released from the gate to the Astrel Plane, forbidden were like looked almost like normal POKeMON except they were jet black and had red eyes and they only carried about killing (only Ash's and Valdera' POKeMON looked different, Ash's pikachu was jet black with dark blue eyes, Valdera's pikachu was white allover with green eyes).
    Returning to the League H.Q, Ash and Valdera told the league master what happened. The league master re-called all gym leaders to the Elite Four castle where they would find away to closed the gate. One whole year passed and the forbidden POKeMON has totaly destroyed all the citys in Kanto, during this time Ash and Valdera had become lovers and the Elite Four castle had been destroyed and re-built again.
    It was Valdera who had found the answer to closing the gate to the astrel plane, both Ash and herself had the power to open and close the gates and so on the third day of the third month Ash and Valdera closed the gates to the astrel plane, stopping the forbidden POKeMON from coming out.
    Now it was a time to re-build, however league master Garrik had other plans for the league and not all league masters like what was going to happen.


    Kogo and his sister Aya were talking to Erika, Brock and Bruno about their plans for the future, "I could challenge Garrik to a Circle of Masters, he cannot refuse" Kogo says to the group "brother you will be killed in a instant" Aya tells Kogo "we got to do something" Erika crys, Bruno looks at them and says "we must leave the leauge, that is the only way to stop Garriks plan". Everyone looks at Bruno and Kogo nods his head "Yes we must do so", Brook who was standing their says "however we still must know what the league wil do, I will stay to spy on the league" Erika looks at him and says "Oh Brock, that will be dangerous anyway what about Ash, should we tell him", Kogo looks at Erika and says "Ash has changed Erika, look at what he was during the dark POKeMON wars, he follows he league like some sort of zombie. He was know as the assassin during the war, I do not trust him", Brock looks at them and says "Kogo is right, go...i will contact you when I have anything to report" and with that Kogo, Aya, Erika and Bruno leave quickly and silently to start there fight against the league, and Brook stands there alone and smiles to himself.
    Garrik stares out to the land he see's in front of him, he stands here for a minute then walks to his throne and sits down and thinks to himself 'I shall re-build Kanto and make it great, far greater then it was before the dark POKeMON wars', he then hears foot steps and a tall sexy blonde walks into the throne room and Garrik calls to her "Valdera, have you been able to break the code on how to control the forbiden POKeMON" "not yet Master Garrik, but it is only a matter of time. They will bow to my power as the same as Ashura, apart its more then my elemental power tht controls him" shes smiles very wide "have I not done a great job on keeping his emmotions controlled" "Yes you have, without the control you have on Ashura we would have not closed the gates" Garrik tells her and she smiles and says to Garrik "Light has power over Shadow" "AND Shadow has power over Light" says a rought voice and Garrik and Valdera turn to she Brock enter the room. He walks over to Garrik and says "You were right Master, Kogo and then other you though have become tratiors to the league" "I KNEW it, then we will see how the game shall play" Garrik says, "Why not just kill them now?" Valdera asks. Garrik looks at Valdera and says "now now, we shall wait for them to come to us, Rock Master (looking at Brock) you will play the part of spy, you will spy on them for us, and report to me anything that they do that might be a danger to the league. Now go, both of you, leave me to my thoughts" and with that Valdera and Brock leave.
    Misty lays there naked in the sand and half dead, she hears voices and opens her eyes. She sees two men and three woman running towars her "help!" she says very weakly to the people that are coming. "Its Misty" crys Erika "Bruno help her", Bruno picks Misty up and goes red in the face and says "someone give me a cloak to put her in", Misty opens her eyes and they glow blue and a blue cloak forms around her. "She has mastered the elements of water" says Kogo "lets take her back to camp", Misty looks at Bruno and says very weakly "where...where are we" "Fuchsia City, or thats what left of it, rest we shall tell you what has happened then you are well" and with tht Bruno carrys Misty back to where the camps where the rest of the rebel trainer are who are loyal to Kogo, Aya, Erika and Bruno are.

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  • Lovely song....

    Monday, Dec 15, 2008 5:00PM / Members only

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  • Disneyland village

    Monday, Dec 15, 2008 4:43PM / Members only

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    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
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    Hi,how are you??
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    hi ahnaf....
    i wanna see ur pic....
    i wanna know ur real name......can u tell n show me?
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    Hi, It is never late. Happy Chinese New Year to you too! :)
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    thank you ahnaf! same to you=)
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    heLLo! ^o^
    thanks for the visit!
    take care and be well! *hugs*
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    hey, how are you??
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    wanna study liao arr............
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    thx..epy new year...
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    Merry Xmas to u too!!!
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    MeRRy ChRiStmAs
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    Merry Christmas~~hehe
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    AQ 13 THoN LAA..
    aq skul kt jb..SMKTS..
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    no laaa...aq nieyh cne..tp daaa biase gne bm...krn byk kwn malay...
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    hey..so scare rite...??!
    hehe...pedestrian is wat owh??
    n i can speak wif u use shortform of bm or not...
    easy 2 chat...
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    That picture is .
    China Guangdong Qingyuan
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    hi ..fri
    thanks for ur words......
    if u wanna chat with me.....
    contact [email protected]....ok fri
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    u r a malay..??
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