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This is how old school the song is. and this show is your miao miao act one! hahah LOL Christine Lee

參與演唱的另一首電視主題曲被19屆亞洲電視大獎提名。萬分榮幸的能夠參與這製作。恭喜SIva Saravanan!

The other theme song that I got involved had been nominated for 19th Asian Television Awards. Congrats to the Music Producer Siva Saravanan and theteam Darien Choong Kaywee Quek!!!! Honored to be in the team!

阿兵新傳: The Recruit Diaries!

They sound like a they were back then and I like it.

生命之花 Rhea Chong E Ly Zia Christine Lee

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Jason wong


ah5ive的曲风扁向于另类摇滚乐。 创作上,表达人生中对人,事,物 产生的遗憾;对爱情,梦想,成长 的遗憾。写尽对遗憾的嘲笑,讽刺 灰色幽默和缅怀。 ...Read more

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