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Happy 2011 to all AND buddies

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Heading for South-To Carlos Nathansohn

As promise, Carlos, I post the photos with the nice T-shirt on:) It was a nice family trip to the southernmost city, Sanya in Hainan province where with the most beautiful sea coast in China.



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Old Wine in New Bottle


Happy Chinese Valentine's Day to you all~

Old wine in new bottle, sharing my first PS photo with you:)

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Agnes' Ipod Shuffle-Early Release of My Birthday Gift

Older generation in China traditionally celebrate birthday of lunar calendar.

My lunar birthday is the 5th day of the Chinese New Year~As this is so special that I've got used to celebrate it with my family:) Though it will be a bit sad that I'll be getting older three days after (today is the 2nd day of CNY), my younger bro's birthday gift has enough thrill to make me forget the age. He gave it to me...Read more

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What Makes A Great Partner (extract from www.pravsworld.com)

What Makes A Great Partner?



Someone who knows what you need before you say it.

Someone who knows when to laugh and when to cry.

Someone who truly listens when you have something to say.

Someone that's there for you during the good and bad times.

Someone who is caring .

Someone who loves you with all their heart and soul.

Someone who is interested in reality a...Read more

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Shangri-la: The Lost Horizon (Part I)

Shangri-la: The Lost Horizon   (Part I, Day 1 & Day 2)

消失的地平线 –香格里拉


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A Brand New 2010

2009 has been full of tribulation. 2010 will mark a brand new beginning.

Here would like to send my best wishes to all my AnD buddies who has been accompanied to get over all the hard feeling and always given very strong support.

Some sharing of my wish list implied by photos shot by my bro and myself.


2010 Wish list

1. Defoliation (2009) is an implication of new life (2010).

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Never Say Goodbye

Don't want to be the important one to someone, but the one who loved.

Guess you were not really not want to know the CD has arrived or not, it should be your excuse for a last call to your farewell dinner.

Feel so warm that you care I'll come or not, but it's really hard for me to say goodbye to you.

Now you should know why I sent the gift to you toghether with G's on G's appreciation dinner.

I know I'll be crying if I come. So I prefer not to come,no matter how rude others may think.<...Read more

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When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!

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