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Into The Fray

Once More Into The Fray... Into The Last Good Fight I'll Ever Know...Live And DIe On This Day...Live And Die On This Day...

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Who I Am

  • I am a Pro Wrestler- I am a warrior- What I do is not 'fake', or 'bullshit'- What I do is not a hobby, or even a job- What I do exceeds 9-5, or even 24/7/365- Pain & suffering most would seek help & solace, I live with every day- My scars are badges of honor, bloodshed badges of courage- My best friends have punched me in the face, dropped me on my head and hit me with weapons, and I love them like family- Pro Wrestling is a way of life, a state of mind, who I am
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Another loss to our wrestling family

Owen Fitzpatrick was a referee for the Australasian Wrestling Federation in Sydney, Australia. He went missing on Monday night at 11pm after he was on his way home. Last contact was saying that he was on his way home. He had not been seen all week. However in the early hours of this morning he was found inside his car. It gives me great regret to say he was not found alive and well. Not details have been released yet. My heart goes out to all his friends and family.

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She's now online

A good friend of mine Niki Nitro has now launched her website online, make sure you head over and have a look. She is a lovely girl, great wrestler and a good friend of mine! Niki Nitro's Official Website

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The future is not yet set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some tremendous soul searching, trying to figure out where I want to go, and how I am going to get there. I know this is very vague but I'm not usually the sort of person to share my inner most feelings for absolutely no reason. I will have some news to announce in the new year which is pretty exciting, I have a plan outlined, and a plan of attack, but I don't want to mention anything until it is set in stone. But I will write updates after new years. Until then I want to take this time to wish everyone a safe, happy and joyful Christmas and may god be with you.Best,Adrian

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Complete Social Media Revamp

After this weekend over the next couple of weeks. I will be taking some time out to totally revamp my social media websites. AliveNotDead, Facebook, MySpace, Facebook Page, ect.

I am going to be categorizing pictures now into YEARS instead of dates and matches. Starting from 2007 through until 2011. I will also be uploading some new pictures as well. Pictures with fans, personal pictures and pictures of me in the gym too.

This whole process will take a number of weeks since I do not want to delegate and enjoy running these aspects all myself and keeping in close touch with people.

I have also started working out with fellow EPW wrestler (Michael Morleone). We are set to train together hopefully for an extended period of time. I will be providing updates on that as well. Best,Adrian

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I play clean (almost)

I have taken the pledge over with the guys at I play clean!


I am an athlete and I believe that the era of illegal steroid and drug use in organised sports must come to an end. I believe in eating healthy, training hard and using correct nutrition and playing with an attitude. It is never worth sacrificing your body or life for the game.

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Six Man Tag Team Madness

With the end of the EPW house show last night I prepare for the immanent madness that will inebidably take place in the six man tag team match up again our former team mate Devlin Reeves, Brett Foxx and Adam Banks. This match is going to be one for the books.

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Back in the game

Well last night's match went well - although a loss, anyone who knows anything about Pro Wrestling, knows that it's not so much about the out come of the match in the traditional sense but more about process and story telling and crowd reaction and even technical ability.

I felt probably the most comfortable I have felt in a long time since my 2009 injury; I had been suffering with psychological issues pertaining to my injury since then. Totally dealing with that on my own with no support (I did think about seeing a sports psychologist) at one point. However I decided against that and do more of my own soul searching which ended up taking me so much longer than I originally planned and the problems were so much deeper.

None the less I have come out of the darkness and into (another kind of light) in a dark way and I feel so much more head strong in the ring, I feel much more confident and able. I'm concentrating on things in the ring so much more, feeling out my character.

It was such a positive for me to have this match last night and go so well for both of us so close to our Wrestlemania of the year "Re-Awakening" which ultimately makes me feel even more confident about that match and the future next year in 2012. Best,Adrian

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Facing Gary Schmidt

I'm facing Gorgeous Gary Schmidt, one half of the Schmidt Brothers tomorrow night at the Explosive Pro Wrestling House Show. He is pictured below on the right hand side. At Hell or High Water Gary Schmidt and his brother Barry defeated myself, Dorian Fury and two other teams in a four corners tag match for the Number One contenders match for the Tag Team Championship. This is my chance at redemption.

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