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Anthony Dawe

David No Interview:By Anthony Dawe


Anthony Dawe:David, how did you first get involved in the Martial Arts and Action movie industry?David No:I was studying Physiotherapy when a friend introduced me to her neighbour who was at film school. We made a short film called The Huntsman, it was so much fun and so fascinating, I wanted to keep doing it.AD:You made a trailer, along with Action Director, Brent Houghton called Huntsman 5.1 what was the idea behind that as I know you approached the American Film Market, to make a feature length movie in 2000?DN:Huntsman 5.1 is a Sci-Fi Action Thriller we had written. It was our first feature screenplay. We shopped it in Australia, but the industry basically didn't have the confidence in investing into unknown territory. By this I mean Australia, (in recent years at least,) doesn't traditionally make genre based pictures. We made the 'H.5.1' trailer to show that it could be done. We turned a lot of heads and were suddenly taken very seriously, but still no one wanted to take a risk. So we shopped it at 'AFM'.The trouble here is that 'AFM', (like most markets,) is mainly for finished films, not screenplays. The other thing about 'AFM', is that they are more interested about "how much" and "who's in it" rather than "is it a good film"!AD:Furious Films, (a company formed between David No and Brent Houghton) have ideas for other movies to be produced such as Power Within, Blood Brothers and Skirmish. Can you tell our readers more about these projects?DN:Power Within I wrote for myself. It is one of those projects that has a surprise ending; but let's just say it's a rite-of-passage drama set here and in Korea. I wrote Blood Brothers for a Korean company, it's an action drama centred around two Korean orphan brothers growing up on different sides of the law in Australia. Skirmish is an Oz - Philippine action drama co-production we wrote for another company. With all our scripts, we try to aim higher than the action video market. We work on intricate story lines, good character arcs, and infuse it with innovative action. Quite often the action is integral to the story telling, so the choreography is actually written into the script. The audience is so educated now, it's always a challenge to come up with something new and different, but that's the enjoyment of screenwriting!AD:Your friend, Brent Houghton is a great all round director and you have a good working relationship with him, do you think that this is the key to your success on his movies?DN: Sure, Brent and I have known each other for over ten years now. We have developed ideas together and have a great network of people to draw from. Good help is hard to find and we have been fortunate to have a lot of good people around us. This means that when it comes to shooting something, we move very quickly, it almost becomes an intuitive process. We are also very different which means that we challenge each other.AD:With your talent, I'm surprised that you and Brent haven't stormed America. Is it the funding for your projects that is holding you back, if so how will you overcome this?DN:Brent and I wanted to do something quite selfless. We are both passionate about the Australian film industry. Instead of running off to where the work is, we have opted to stay and work to make change in the industry. A lot of guys are trying to make similar movies, but only at an 'Indie' level. We have tackled the mainstream industry head on. We have attended the producer conferences and met with the big men of the industry, but the thinking in Australia remains quite conservative, although it is showing signs of change.It is a sad story that most of Australia's talent needs to be validated outside the country before we consider them talent worth investing in. This is not just the film industry either. It is just basic mathematics, we have a small population on a huge isolated land mass. Even so, Australians constantly prove themselves internationally, for that I am very proud.AD:Do you have any plans to break into the American Film market or maybe go to Hong Kong?DN:Last year (2003) I decided that the stagnation in the Australian industry was only getting worse. So I made the difficult decision to check out overseas. In March, I visited Korea, with a mini stop in Hong Kong. Here I was offered a role on a Daniel Lee (Black Mask) movie, but 'SARS' had hit it's stride by then, so it didn't work out. I've had a lot to do with the Korean commercial industry, producing, acting, and doing stuntwork. I just got back from New Zealand where I featured in another one of their commercials. I visited LA last year, got myself a manager and attended the 'Reloaded' (Matrix) DVD launch party. Over summer, I decided to immerse myself in the acting world, so I did four weeks full time at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts). Now it's time to get fit, cash up, and go back over to LA to capitalize on my representation over there.AD:As this is the Vengeance, 'Jackie Chan Special', let's discuss Jackie for a moment. What was the Entrac TV commercial you did with Jackie in Thailand?DN:Entrac is a car navigation system. I was asked by Basecamp Productions to produce the project. It was huge; car stunts, helicopters, explosions, hundreds of extras and of course Jackie Chan. In Thailand, they don't really have stunt co-ordinators, that's usually the first Assistant Director's job. There are some very experienced crews over there, but if they're busy, the depth of talent can quickly fall away. So I found myself taking on a lot more responsibility than usual, from co-ordinating car stunts to something as simple as getting the explosion the right size, shape and colour. At one stage I was working twenty hour days and had eaten only two meals in three days. When it came to Jackie, the director suggested that I take care of his performance, while he took care of the camera. On top of all this we shot in some of the busiest locations in Bangkok!AD:You also worked with Jackie Chan on the movie, Mr. Nice Guy what was Jackie like to work with and what did you learn from him and the shoot?DN:I've never been one to grow up with idols or heroes, but obviously you have to appreciate what this guy has done. I went from respecting the name Jackie Chan to respecting the person. This was again highlighted to me when we worked together on the Entrac commercial. Because of my rapport with Jackie, I ended up directing him. He was so easy to work with; he is so faithful to his JC Stunt Team; he is so giving to his fans; and yet he still has time to pick up the odd bit of rubbish off the street! What have I learnt from him ... that you can be so famous, yet so human at the same time.AD:You worked on the Matrix sequels. What was that like and how did you get the role?DN:The Matrix films were a little different to most films I've worked on. Usually a sense of family develops on a feature film, because you are working with the same people for so long. I had a small role on a huge film. The production was like its own city, and just like going to a new city you were meeting new people every day. I got the role through the usual auditioning process, although I may have got a nod from a stunt audition I had done a few weeks earlier. Everything was going swimmingly until my knee nearly turned inside out! This sort of brought a premature end to my involvement. I have no regrets though, its just part of the reality of what I do.AD:What is your opinion of Keanu Reeves and the rest of the cast regarding the Martial Arts action?DN:Keanu is a very committed individual. He hasn't done Martial Arts his whole life, but he works very hard at it. He is very self demanding and self critical. The fight in the Chateau was over a hundred and fifty moves long, and he learnt it all.Laurence, (Fishburne) was relaxed and warm to everyone, a real fatherly figure. He organised a private screening of Apocalypse Redux and gave commentary all the way through, that was so cool. Carrie-Anne, (Moss) was a little harder to get to know, but once you did she was a lotta fun. I was disappointed when I saw Monica, (Bellucci) on screen, she is much more beautiful in real life. She definitely has depth behind those incredible eyes. Randall, (Duk Kim) was also a special person. I think that when you are able to cast all over the world, like Matrix did, you can't help but get some of the best of what the world has to offer.Martial Arts? I sort of felt that the fight scenes were a little detached, they didn't relate back to the person in the way the first film did but 'Reloaded' did have the wow factor!AD:You recently came back from a big tour in Asia (Korea) where you met up with Action Director Lee Eung-Jun. Is a Korean production in the works?DN:Well I have Korean heritage, so I am naturally interested in what goes on there. For the past few years Korean cinema has been some of the most exciting in the world. Of course I would love to get involved in any worthy project anywhere in the world. But in terms of markets that would possibly want to use me, I'm thinking the US, Korea, and maybe Hong Kong would be high on the list. I told myself that I would take a working permit over next time I travel to Korea ... we'll see. I also met up with Director Kim Tae-Gyun (Volcano High) both in Korea and LA. It looks like we might be Line Producing a portion of his next feature in Australia!AD:If you could work with anyone in the world who would it be and why?DN:Basically anyone who inspires me as a human being and that I can learn from. Of course if they put me on the road to success, that would also be great. Not because I want to be famous, but more because I want to have the power to make the films I want to make, or have the money to make them myself.AD:Finally David, what plans have you got for the near future?DN:Keep spreading my wings, developing my skills and ideas, and probably look for work overseas. I've come this far, it would be silly not to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes! 

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Keith W.Strandberg Interview:By Anthony Dawe

No 1.Keith, with movies like tom yum goong and sha po lang hitting asia by storm, can we see the same effect in the states like back when you made no reatreat no surrender?

At first I thought they would, but they are not sophisticated enough to make a huge splash in the US. That's not to say that NRNS was sophisticated, it certainly wasn't, but the days when a low budget, poorly scripted and poorly acted martial arts movie with great action can succeed solely on the action alone are long gone in the US. Nowadays, for a movie to succeed here in the US theatrically, it either has to be a huge blockbuster or it has to have something incredibly special going for it. In most cases, the American audience wants someone they know in the movie in order to go to see it.

No 2.At the moment there is a bit of a low in uk and us martial arts movies.There is nothing to get excited about, no great acton martial arts movies.All the action is in hong kong, thailand, korea.Whats going on?

To a certain degree, I think part of the problem is that it's very difficult if not impossible to make a really low budget action movie -- the action takes so long to do you need upwards of 30 days of filming just to get the action right. There have been a lot of movies made for less money that skimped on the action and they didn't succeed. For example, I heard of an action movie that was filmed where the director was allowed a maximum of two takes for every shot -- imagine that, in an action movie, where it's critical to make sure there are no "misses" or the action is unbelievable. If you don't have a big star or special effects, though, it doesn't make sense to make anything over $500,000 or you are probably going to lose money. And I wouldn't even attempt to make a quality martial arts movie for less than $1 million.

After the glut of low budget martial arts movies, where there were so many made and so few good ones, it's now tougher to get a martial arts movie made without a star. And if a star is in the movie, it ends up making it too expensive to make, so it's a bit of a Catch-22.

No 3.Do you think its how the movies are cast? or the directors vision,just could be money as low budget films can be tough to make? but saying that shouldn't real talent shine through no matter the challenge?

I'd love to be able to go back to the time when it was enough to have great martial arts and great martial artists in a movie, but that time is long past. Now, for a movie to succeed, it has to have everything -- a great cast, a great script, a great look, great production value and something special.

No 4. With your great track record and good scripts. Would you be interested in working with Seasonal Films again? or another Hong Kong film company to make some more great action movies?

I would love to work with Seasonal again, or another Hong Kong movie company, but only if the budget was there to do something truly exceptional. I've made enough bad movies, I'd like to make something that would turn the industry on its ear.

No 5. I'm trying to get Scott Adkins, Darren Shahlavi and Gary Daniels interested in a no retreat no surrender 4. with myself...hahaha come on keith lets get the script ready =)

There was a time when I thought every movie I made was going to be called "No Retreat No Surrender." I even considered making a movie called "No Retreat No Surrender Never Again." I can't argue that it is a good title, however, and I understand why distributors wanted to cash in on the success of the first movie..

No 6.At the moment saying there is a low, their are some great low budget digital B-movies being made and sold all around the world, is it getting the balance right though so the movies can be sold world wide with big advertising?

Even though there are movies being distributed on digital, people still look down their noses at stuff shot on commercial digital video. That's too bad, but the bottom line is that because everyone has access to the equipment, that means there is so much crap out there that even the good stuff is getting lumped in with everything that is bad. There is still definitely a quality to film that cannot be captured on digital. As the technology evolves, however, that may change.

No 7. Korea seems to be a promising movie industry as of late a lot of great movies and actors/actress's have showcased them selfs to the world. Why do you think they have become so noticed?

No answer.

No 8. Along with Korea, thailand has hit asia by storm introducing tony jaa to the world. What is the secret behind this keith or is it just luck and talent with great film making all mixed in?

They can do things in Thailand that no one else in the world can get away with. When I saw Tony Jaa's first movie, I was stunned because he was really hitting people. I called my good friend Chuck Jeffreys (fight choreographer for Blade and Blade Trinity and the star in two of my movies) and asked him about how they were doing the action. He told me that people would go to jail in America and Hong Kong for what he was doing. He was hurting people. It made audiences sit up and take notice, but it also put people in jeopardy.

No 9. What do you think of video game adaptations to movies? the best one iv seen to date was mortal kombat. But the new tekken movie sounds very promising. Would you ever be interested in doing a script for a video game then turn to movie? And how can you make it work?

The problem with video games is that the characters are all stereotypes and there are no stories, really, to speak of. Video games are is just a succession of fight or action sequences and that ultimately leaves the audience unsatisfied. What martial arts movies need are compelling characters and a great story.

No 10. How long do you think it could be until great martial arts action movies are at there peak again? And will we ever see new classics like enter the dragon for the 21st century?

I think there will be a resurgence in quality martial arts movies. I'd like to see companies like Seasonal Films partner with big Hollywood companies, letting both companies do what they do best. That partnership could result in a fantastic movie.

No 11. Casting can also be a problem for movies. I don't think directors or producers really look hard enough or study the arts. You can't always have the perfect cast and crew its impossible but you can try and maximize what you have out their and use it to your best efforts. What's your view?

Everything is a compromise when you are making a movie. Certainly, you want the best actors and the best fighters in the role, but usually you can't find both in person. Either you have to choose the best fighter so that the action isn't compromised, or you choose the better actor because you want the audience to believe the character and invest emotionally movie. There have only been a handful of real actors who are great on-screen fighters -- Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Jackie Chan and Steven Seagal in his first movie, to name a few. I think with the right script, actors like Gary Daniels, Chuck Jeffreys, Scott Adkins and others could do a fantastic job.

No 12. Have you got any new movies or scripts that you are interested in making soon?

I am working on a project now with Chuck Jeffreys that we hope to be making within the next year. It will have to be a big budget movie or I'm not interested in doing it -- as I said before,

I've made more than my share of bad movies. It's time to make something unique and different.

No 13. A-movies have big budgets and big name actors, but that does not help the action at all.charlies angles with all the wires and big budget still did not deliver.dare devil had stiff action that did not produce.And really the matrix was riding on all the new special effects not the martial arts action.Will we ever see a big budget movie with jaw dropping martial arts action less the wires and CGI???

I certainly hope so. I'm really tired of all the wires and CGI and I think audiences are ready for something different, and "old school" martial arts are decidedly different.

No 14.Tony jaa looks like the best thing to have come around for a long time.Would like to work with him on a movie keith?If so how can you make a movie with a star like tony with a limited budget? is it possible now he's in the lime light?

It's next to impossible to make a limited budget movie with a star. You have to have the money to do it right. So the bigger Tony Jaa becomes, and the more money he commands, the less chance that a low budget martial arts film maker will be able to work with him.

No 15.what are you plans for the future regarding action movies, directing and writing?Will we see a big hit from you again keith?

On the new project I'm writing, I would like to produce and co-direct. If the deal isn't right, I won't make the movie. I'm at the point in my career where I don’t have to make another movie, but I sure would like to if the situation is right.

Keith.Thanks for your time again, its been great talking with you.I hope that we can work on a movie together soon?

Anthony, thank you for your time. I would love to work with you sometime soon. Some of my favorite martial arts actors are Brits -- Gary Daniels, Scott Adkins, Darren Shahlavi and yourself. Cheers.


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Talking Movies

Well not much happening today? The U.K is covered in snow, worst for 18 years so they say, well I can’t remember it being like this since I was about 10 in 1990, snow drifts and the lot, this weather reminds me of a movie that I want to rent out, a zombie flick called “DEAD SNOW” it looks ok from what I have seen on you tube it’s about a group a guys and girls, they go camping up in some mountains some place and they get attacked by these Nazi zombies ,interesting Anyway  not sure much will get done now the snow is falling and it’s freezing, not a excuse but even Heathrow airport is having problems with the plans taking off and landing, going to go and help john paint some of his place soon, and talk about more ideas for the rest of the project, well I would rather shoot on a nice sunny day, snow is not my thing, but it’s ok I Was sitting at home last night and saw a TV. spot of a seagal movie that looked good? It was called “AGAIST THE DEAD” had seagal fighting all these crazy zombie/vampire like things, he had a katana sword and was chopping there heads off, cool stuff and looks like some of his best work to date infact. Another movie that I am looking forward to seeing is -, only got to see clips of the trailer its called “THE PUNISHER”(WAR ZONE) 2009, now this looks like a gun slinging fest of blood and guts and heads being blown off, one to watch out for I think?, will be better than the lame 2004 version. “G.I. JOE” (THE RISE OF COBRA) looks really good from the trailer, its has some trade mark ninja’s in this flick, and shows that it can holds its own when released so should be good, looks like this movie will be going up against “ WOLVERINE” I’m just not sure what to make of the trailer for this one? But I’m sure it will be entertaining Hugh Jackman is cool actor. Well talking about our project has gone out the for today hehe, just been seeing some really cool up coming trailers. The new (JASON) Friday the 13 th looks nice, but I hope that its better than the last Michael Myers slasher flick movie, it was watchable , but just seemed a little stale, rob zombie did a great job but I feel that the movie could have just moved in a slightly  better direction? I hope that the sequel can do this? There has been talking of a new “EVIL DEAD” movie? I would love to see what Sam raimi and Bruce Campbell could deliver on this? I think it’s time. So on that note, not much going off with the project due to the snow, john has lots of painting to do which I’m going to help him with ASAP, and I’m just going to see what I can get down on paper later, got side tracked last night with a project I started writing about 4 years ago, re: typed some stuff up, have to show john to see what he thinks? Go easy johnJ.

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The film project and deatail.


Well here I am back talking about the project again, had a really good think today about stuff, well the film anyway, since myself and john Shelton left the project due to other work commitments. Problems call it what you want etc. I’m just going to give a little re cap on the cast members, Joe dickens played a gangster/police informant that gets into trouble when he takes on the lead (myself) under cover cop, one scene that we started to shoot and edited was a scene in a police station where I am interrogating him about his boss Leroy played by Clive McKenzie, Joe’s character takes a beating, and I can remember in one shot I hit him by accident, the crew and myself all got very worried, but Joe took it on the chin and shuck it off and said that’s filming for you, I myself have taken hard hits all in the name of film, it goes with the territory.

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One thing I am thinking about is casting for this project, its not going to be a massive cast but I am looking for a few more characters that can bring something new to the project, not sure how many of the old ones will be back but that will depend on how the script pans out and what myself and john think the direction of this film is going to go in? Martial arts, horrors is the key element to this, but remember the old script was written when we were only 19, I have spoken to john about what changes we are going to make and I’m happy with the general direction this short project is going in.

I can remember a quote Gary Daniels (action film star)  said to make a great action movie you need 3 ingredients blood, bullets, and babesJI think he’s right.

We had a female cast member called machia, dring she did a fantastic job of playing a waitress with a gun, and she added a good element to the short. It’s funny but when we started to shoot this project back in 1999, we were all very ambitions of course, you are when you are a film/performing arts student, but I can remember things just worked, we had no budget at all, just time, and ideas from the cast and what we had put on script, I thank john prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Shelton a lot because he was the back bone to this project and without him it would have been very difficult to shoot if it would have ever got shot at all, we had a good team effort between us and I think that shows on the old raw footage. Will be getting some up on the net soon, but re edited of course as a little promo to show what the idea was. One thing that struck a cord with me and made me bring this project back to life was a friend in Hong Kong who asked me about this movie out of the blue after 10 years, I thought I think this would be good to complete.


So now it’s just time, casting, location, and then the filming. I don’t like to make dates with movie making with a zero budget, that’s right, ZERO budget, but hope to shoot in the next? Er I don’t know I might just pick a camera up tomorrow and shoot .lol naahh it will be shot when the time is right? 4 weeks? 6? 8? Who knows not long? Could be 3-months? : How about tomorrow?JJohn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




It was back in 1996 that I had the pleasure to meet john Shelton on a media course at south Nottingham College, formally a all girls school that had been renovated and made in to a super college for everyone, I remember we used work in a portable cabin as our class room, and we all thought that we had a raw deal, I guess we? Did because we were not doing the top course in media, nether the less we seemed the most ambitions with our movie making. One of our first little films was a college project called hallucinations, it was not my cup of tea but you know how it is sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. My self and john Shelton at that time decided to make our own little movies, action/comedy/martial arts what ever, and we did. A new project was born. a comedy a lizard mask, and a lot of enthusiasm, we made a sequel to this movie that was just as entertaining, but some what embarrassing at the time to show. lol, it would have gone down a storm with our fellow college students but we just did not want to take that risk at the time, myself john Shelton, and Joe dickens shot this in a matter of like 3 hours, and edited it the next day, so that’s very good production value as its least. Alot of the time people talk about making movies, shorts, trailers but they never get done? Why? Who knows, I am very proud to say myself and john Shelton would churn out something regardless, it had entertainment value, low or high/ who cares/ but we did stuff, shorts etc, and people liked them, this made me aware of our ability to work together as a team and film good projects.


Film crew or friends in general they have off days but that’s natural, we had some crazy situations that caused havoc with the rest of the team, but it’s about over coming this in a progressive way, Film making is stressful that’s why a good team is need, people you can trust, if you can’t then its very hard and projects may not get off the ground at all? Look at all the successful filmmakers and teams, Jackie Chan has a fantastic team, because they work together, Tony jaa’s team have helped elevate him and look amazing as he is, but they show that they can take the hits and fall of buildings while being kneed in the head, that takes team work I tell you. So for a good film a good team is needed or partnership and people who have this are lucky .Ok IV finished for today, have a good evening.


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Life in matter.


Relationships and career- blog body -

I first of all I want to say: what I write below is only my experience and doesn't mean every siuation or relationship in the world. But it's the experience I gained from myself, my friends, the movie business, travelling etc...So many careers are being devastated with people who have many talents but just have a bad relationship with a girl.

When I was 17 I had a friend, a very very good soccer player, he spent his life on training. He was popular because he was good. The manager of a big soccer team invited him to play in one of the best and famous teams in the country. It was the chance of his life. So he went and had to practise every day with this team.

Then he got a girlfriend. This girl was very obsessive and didnt think of him at all. She had a lure... This guy never had sex before so she tried to persuade him before he went to his trainings and asked him to 'stay on the couch instead of going to the field'. He did once, twice and after a few weeks this guy was fired from the team. His girfriend didn't like him anymore because he wasn't popular anymore. So he blew his chance and he lost his girl and ended with nothing... And thats how it goes when you step into the trap of a woman !!!

Not all women are the same of coarse. Lets check in wich relation you are in ! This test is about support !

Situation 1 The overlap of interests are the things you can do with your relation. You both like shopping so you go every weekend to the supermarket. Because you want a good relationship you take care her feeling also and her wishes , the green area is whats left in your life. When you do the things you want (red) more then the green things you will have arguments and a bad relationship. Remember when you want to have a good career you need to do the things in red MORE than the interests in green !!! So when it comes to mathemathics in this case 1 + 1 = 0.3

The relationship is based on putting you down !!!

Situation 2 Your partner loves your career and ideas and otherwise. She supports you when you have a performance or game, she prepares your stuff, is proud of you instead of putting you down and wants you to succeed. If you cannot go to training because you have her family visiting your house she kicks you out of the door to your gym and remembers you about your goal. She also gives you her interests and you can do everything together. She makes you feel like a man and the relationship is based on getting everything out of life. Mathemathics 1 + 1 = 4When a girl wants to keep you away from your dream she will lose you (if you are a strong man) . When you are weak and doesnt think of your goal you will lose your goal, and will always blame her or yourself for not achieving what you could have achieved ! Believe me.. if someone doesn't accept your dream and goes into it 200% with you, the relationshipis not worth it, or your goal is not clear, but thats another problem.- blogger's current book/movie/music/games -



  • blog subject -

How to get more attention!- blog body -

Everybody likes to get attention. Can you have influence on the people around you? Can u make sure people will notice you more ? If so, will it help for your appearance, career, and sex-life...? Yes it does ! Become a more attractive person for everybody!1 Breathe It sounds stupid, but many people forget how to breathe well. They don't know the importance of breathing. It happens without notice. When you are in a metro and there are many people some people start to holding there breat h and start to get red.Some people can take take your breath away literaly when they are manipulating you or talking bad to you. They make you feel tired.Don't hold your breath! Girls don't want a man who feels uncomfortable and suffering from a shortage of air. Maybe it sounds radical and exaggerated but it happens!Holding your breath makes you look like you have to go to the toilet. You are a robot who talks like a cd player skipping from song to song when you're acting. When Sylvester stallone is acting in Rocky he keeps breathing and shows all his emotions with an open mouth! Breath and you are the winner, literary suck the air out of the space.

Why do I tell you this ? Because It happened to me as well. I hold my breath too much before. I changed it and noticed positive results in everything..2 Open your body Don't run to the kitchen and get a knife. I don't mean this.

Lets do a small test. Now you sit behind your computer so you can do it. Put your hands on the keyboard like you are typing and rotate your hands inwards and cross your arms. You look like an invalid person, right? Many people who are insecure or have pain shrink literallay and their arms will get more close to their bodies. They get less attractive because these factors.

Ok lets do the opposite. Lets rotate your hands outwards and spread your arms more. This is what Jack Nicolson always does. So when you are making yourself wider you will get more attention and people will notice you more. A very good example is when you are in the subway and you put 1 hand in your neck like you are stretching a little bit. In this position you expand your body a lot. A lot of people will notice you !

3 Smile and think positive Smiling makes you more attractive. When you worry about the upcoming gas bills, your face will become less attractive. The worries about an upcoming problem are always more then the probem itself. If you cannot solve a problem at a moment, don't think of it too much. People are attracted to people who smile. Girls don't want men with problems!If you don't know how to smile, think of the picture with the masked man above and think you don't want to become like that. (Be careful, if you smile too much in Holland some people think you are fooling with them and beat you up, and in the USA they will take you to court for everything) In Thailand it works 100%.

4 It's time to open the curtains!

When people are covering parts of their body they are not happy with themselves. They are always hiding a bodypart and cannot show/give theirselves 100%. When you have bad teeth and you put your hand in front of your mouth it just doesn't look good. You don't look confident. When you are bald and combing your hair from left to right over the bald spot, you look like a clown. If you hide it, the bad part of your body will get more attention instead of less. You are emotionally blocked. Be yourself, be open, be free in everything.Take the curtains away and you will feel free and confident. When you are confident people don't notice your ugly bodyparts. You will become someone with character and charisma like Bruce willis.

5 Don't think of the end result like an obsessive! It happens so much. When a man dates a girl, he only thinks of his final goal: getting her into his bed. Because he thinks to much of it, women will sense it. There are a lot of frustrated man walking around, wondering why they cannot get a girl into their bed.They think too much of this goal and the man has no atractiveness at all anymore. The girl doesnt have anything to go for anymore. and will go home.... alone... and you have nothing. They will become losers and the only sex they have, is with their computer. And everything will become worse and worse.

Don't worry too much about the end result, just enjoy your date and everything you do with this girl. Things will happen by itself. If you don't care about that, it will make you attractive, interesting an someone to hunt for !When I think back I always enjoyed training. The path to my goal gave me more satisfaction the the goal itself. Some people don't enjoy training because they only think of money or reputation. These guys will never make it. Their heart has no foundation ! Go with your heart 100% in what you do !FinallySo lets start then. Leave your computer. Remove all the dirty pictures. Become someone. Go to the shopping center or anywhere and breath, open your body, smile, don't cover anything enjoy everything you see. It wil make you a more attractive and succesfull person.


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Life In Deatail- blog body -

You see them everywhere. People on the street walking 'In the future'. They walk like zombies showing no emotion, They don't see you ! They think they know what's going on in the world by reading a newspaper and watching TV but they don't sense real life at all.

Animals have a better life in this case. They are 'alert', see what's going on, sense everything, sleep when they are tired, and hunt when they're hungry, and have no worries at all. This is how humans supposed to be as well long time ago. But the society and the development of human being made the changes.

On a 'Zombie' moment you cannot solve a problem. And even have more chance to get a traffic accident because you're not alert. A waste of wonderful time. The world around you it too beautiful to ignore. With so many nice details a lot of people don't see. If I see a woman making Som Tam (Thai food) in the streets, small details on buildings, the fields passing by or people having fun. It makes me very happy. because I see them !

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Visualisation- blog body -

Imagery, or visualization, has a powerful effect on your performance It is the visual or mental rehearsal that enhances skill development and competitive performance. Imagery is like warming up and stretching. It is a key element in preparation for sport, but one that is often neglected by the athlete and coach. When developing a technique or improving an existing technique, completely relax and vividly image every detail of the technique. When you clearly picture yourself doing the technique, your mind stores the information and trains your neuromuscular system without movement.

The brain doesn't distinguish between the physical performance and imagery of the technique. Our most common thoughts determine what our attitude and behavior will become. We become what we think about. Imagery can be used to learn and practice new skills, strategies and tactics in preparing for competition as well as analyzing the post-competition period.

90% of Olympic athletes use imagery in preparation for competition. Use imaging to visualize your practices, upcoming fights and tournaments two or more times daily. See yourself executing perfectly and winning the championship. The more you see yourself winning, the more you begin to believe you can win. "If you believe, you can achieve". It is like a jigsaw puzzle, getting all the pieces in the right place. "By the time the championship comes I believe I have already won it ." When you spar, visualize going against a variety of opponents including the reigning World champion.

The type of practice that you do is very important. We learn what we practice including the mistakes. Get it right the first time. The pianist who makes mistakes in practice learns them whether he or she means to or not. It is better to hesitate than proceed through a mistake because the brain is learning the movement.

The important point is that every attempt should be made to perform the activity correctly from the beginning whether mentally imaging or physically practicing. It is better to "hesitate than to err". Some say, "Drink clear water, not dirty water".

Prior to imaging, find a quiet place and completely relax your body. Begin by imaging very simple techniques and focusing on the big moves; later add the finer moves, more intricate aspects of the technique. Most importantly, be sure you understand the technique in its intimate details so the practice will be correct. Make the imagery as realistic as possible and use all of your senses. Use trigger words to stimulate your images and emotion such as Mohammad Ali's, "Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee". With practice you will be able to image with a single breath.

Imaging as applied to kumite has two forms including action visualization and reaction visualization. When training invest time on each of these forms. Action visualization is used to learn a new technique such as the reverse roundhouse kick. Focus on the correct way to perform the kick in all its details. Break the technique down into various components and learn each component correctly. Visualize yourself executing the kick perfectly, but always start slowly, gradually building power, speed and reach of each kick. Avoid mistakes in the early attempts as much as possible. As you perform more complex techniques, errors are reduced and your performance and concentration are dramatically improved. After you after learned the technique or combination well, create situations where there is considerable pressure to perform mimicking the competition environment.

Reaction visualization is used to improve your fighting performance. Visualize your opponent delivering various techniques and combinations at you. How should you react to each of them and what counters should you use? How would you alter your footwork? Prepare for all possibilities. This is strategic thinking and practice, using known opponents' tactics and techniques. If your opponent has a particularly good sweep and roundhouse kick, how would you counter this combination? This type of practice facilitates an intuitive or right brain response to your opponent by making the cognitive phase more automatic through precision training. Use action and reaction imaging before and after each fight to fine tune your performance.

Use a variety of partners to diversify your repertoire. Use videotapes of your performances and others to assist in the imaging process and combine it with stimulating music. Knowing the enemy or opponent is half the battle. The better your intelligence the better your preparation can be. Imaging can help you manage the upcoming challenge. In summary, mental imaging produces faster, more efficient learning. Many athletes are visual and kinesthetic learners. Mental imaging stimulates the same neural pathways as physical or kinesthetic training. Imaging combined with correct physical repetition of the new technique can reduce learning time. Practice action and reaction visualization. With imaging what you see is what you get. Avoid incorrect practice. Seek to get the highest return on investment for each phase of training.

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Spirit And Mental Character- blog body -

A strong spirit is needed to reach the highest level. It is the activating principle influencing a person. Spirit is linked to courage, mettle, spirit, resolution, tenacity, and mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger or hardship.Mental CharacterThe mental character of an individual is crucial in the achievement of ones vision.Character is the composite of characteristics or behavior that make an individual personality. It is formed from influence of family, mentors, friends and associates. The selection of mentors, friends and associates is very important. Choose carefully. Families are the most important. The major reason some children are lagging behind in reading and math is generally not because a lack of school funding, but because their parents have not taught discipline or placed them on an academic track.The bedrock of character is self-control. A virtuous life is based on self-control. An important aspect is the ability to motivate oneself to strive for excellence in your training. You cannot control all of what happens in your life, but proper planning and correct decisions go a long way. You can control how you react to situations and events. Self-control is the habit of having ones faculties, energies and emotions under control of your will and directed toward your goals. This requires a certain amount of emotional intelligence including self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, zeal, empathy and social deftness.

Preparation eliminates the need for assumptions and is the single most important key to your success. No matter how gifted, no one can perform without careful preparation, thoughtful experimentation, and determined follow-through. Training can be ratcheted to the next level by careful preparation.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses by testing to provide a basis for preparation of your daily training plan. You must be accountable for your actions or non-actions. If you have choice, you must be accountable. If you are a sensei and operate a dojo, you have a contract and obligation with your students to perform honestly and effectively. It a privilege to have people come train with you. Hold everyone that works for you accountable for his or her actions. Your students should be held accountable as well. Nothing builds confidence in a leader more than a willingness to take responsibility for what happens during his or her watch.Dedication, commitment and persistence are the reasons why you will become successful. Confidence and self-esteem can be enhanced by how you train. Do you enter every training session intending to do your best and help others to achieve their best?The athletes who improve the most are the ones constantly raising the bar. When the going gets tough, many people shut themselves down. The challenge is to continue to fight through each level of improvement and never being satisfied that you have achieved perfection.Strong discipline is required to keep going, no matter how difficult things seem. "The darkest hour is that before the dawn.

Preparation eliminates the need for assumptions and is the single most important key to your success. No matter how gifted, no one can perform without careful preparation, thoughtful experimentation, and determined follow-through. Training can be ratcheted to the next level by careful preparation.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses by testing to provide a basis for preparation of your daily training plan. You must be accountable for your actions or non-actions. If you have choice, you must be accountable. If you are a sensei and operate a dojo, you have a contract and obligation with your students to perform honestly and effectively. It a privilege to have people come train with you. Hold everyone that works for you accountable for his or her actions. Your students should be held accountable as well. Nothing builds confidence in a leader more than a willingness to take responsibility for what happens during his or her watch.Dedication, commitment and persistence are the reasons why you will become successful. Confidence and self-esteem can be enhanced by how you train. Do you enter every training session intending to do your best and help others to achieve their best?The athletes who improve the most are the ones constantly raising the bar. When the going gets tough, many people shut themselves down. The challenge is to continue to fight through each level of improvement and never being satisfied that you have achieved perfection.Strong discipline is required to keep going, no matter how difficult things seem. "The darkest hour is that before the dawn.

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The Truth about being diffrent.- blog body -

Racial discrimination

I gusse these words mean alot to me, and to alot of other peopleaswell.****

What is racism/racist abuse?

It's not about white against black, or black against white. It's about origins, roots, religion, and not being accepted for who you are.

A racist is someone who picks on someone or treats them badly because they view them as different and unequal. Often racists focus on people who are visibly different, for example, Black or Asian people.

Racism can also include prejudice against ethnic, cultural and national differences. Irish Travellers, Romanian asylum seekers, Gypsies and eastern Europeans all experience serious discrimination and racism. They are white but may dress in a distinct way, speak a different language or act differently in a racist's eyes.

Sometimes people who don't consider themselves prejudiced make fun of someone's accent or birthplace. Although it is easy to go along with a joke at someone else's expense, this can make them feel hurt and isolated. If you have to make someone feel small to get a laugh, maybe you just aren't that funny...

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Good Realationships- blog body -

It's not easy; in fact, it's a lot of hard work. But it's worth the effort because the more you put into a relationship, the more you get out of it.The key to a good relationship is mutual respect and good communication. You have to be able to talk to your partner. This means being brave enough to discuss issues that may be upsetting. If you have a problem, don't hold back. A problem that's bottled up can get out of proportion. Talking it through can ease the pressure and enable you both to find a solution.

If your partner raises doubts about your relationship, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine how you would feel if you were them. Don't leap in and make accusations, don't get upset, let them speak - even if this means hearing things you don't like. Perhaps they have a valid point about something, which you could try and sort out.

Feeling comfortable about talking means feeling good about yourself. You need self-esteem to feel assertive. Be as true to yourself as you can. Respect your own thoughts and opinions and be honest about them. Your partner will love you for who you are. Pretending to be something you're not won't work in the long term.

Just as you should be yourself, your partner should be, too. This inevitably means that you won't agree on everything and could end up having rows. Accept that your partner has a right to their own views. You don't have to agree with those views, but you should respect them. It takes compromise to make a relationship work.

Give and take is one thing, but there may be issues on which you're not willing to compromise. It's okay not to see eye to eye on everything. It would be boring if you did. Listen to your partner's ideas and try and see it from their angle. Not finding common ground doesn't mean your relationship is doomed.


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Confidence on your own- blog body -

There are good and bad sides to single life. If all your friends are in relationships, life can be lonely. If you're the only one in a couple, being on your own can seem like freedom.

Being the only single person in your group can be isolating. You start to wonder why you haven't got a partner and this can knock your self-esteem. When you get these thoughts pamper yourself - get a new haircut or some new clothes - anything that makes you feel good again.Relationships mean compromise. When you're single you only have to worry about yourself. Your time is your own, so make the most of it. Use the time others spend developing a relationship to develop yourself instead. Go out and grab everything that life has to offer.

You won't meet anyone if you always hang around in the same crowd. Expand your circle of friends. Take up a sport, do an activity or go clubbing. Put yourself in a situation where you're likely to meet the kind of person you'd like as a potential partner.

Looking after number one is important if you're single. Confidence is the most attractive attribute you can have. Appearing desperate is a real turn off. Enjoy life to the full whether you're single or in a couple. A relationship will come along but, if not, single life can be a lot of fun.


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Dreams & Schemes- blog body -

( These words struck a cord with me)What do you think???

There's a story about a famous person who made in a highly competitive sport. Someone asked her, "How did you make it?" and she replied "It was something I always dreamed about!" The someone said "Well I dreamed of being a rock star and it never happened!" The famous person said "Well, when did you stop dreaming?"

Dreams are not just wishful thinking but can be extraordinary motivation triggers, if we can harness them. They are not just the wild images and fantasies that come into our heads during sleeping. A dream is a pumped up goal.

Here's an example - an 8 year old says "I'd really love to be a professional footballer". He plays football a lot with friends and keeps thinking about it. He grows up and takes a job in a sports centre.

Another 8 year old says the same thing. He plays every day and at weekends. He goes for coaching. He dreams of being a footballer each night before he falls asleep. He gets picked for a local club's School of Excellence. When his mates start smoking, he decides to go running every night. He makes it eventually.

If you have a dream, everything else revolves around it 'til it is achieved. Most people give up because the effort and concentration is too much for them. But if you want to go for your dream life, you have to go for it as if your life depended on it, because it does!

Dreaming your Dreams

Try this technique and practise it every day for two weeks to imprint it on your subconscious:

*Think of something you really want for yourself or something you want to happen *Get a picture of some kind in your mind of what it would be like if you achieved this dream - how you would be. *See anything you can see about it - colours, shapes, people in your dream *Hear yourself and anyone/anything else, which would be part of the dream *Imagine the feeling you would have from achieving your dream *Freeze frame everything - what you see, hear and feel *Allow yourself to come back to the present. You now have a strong focus to work with but keep practising this 'rehearsal' technique - it will pay off.

Being motivated to go for your dreams takes energy and action, but most people give up before they begin because they think their probability of success is zero. They bail out before the boat even gets a hole.Some people don't go for success to spare themselves the disappointment of failing because they expect to fail! There's a neat and realistic way of checking your probability of success, here's the formula.

Give yourself a score out of 10 for these characteristics with regard to your dream:*Potential (what you could develop) *Talent (natural ability) *Determination *Passion

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Film project.


The moment i'm working on a short film project with my good friend and film partner john shelton, we are still putting ideas and loactions together, it will be a british film with a hong kong/american cross over style, a movie that you can'tut in to a box and say that britsih thats american, it will be more cult film type, you will love it or hate it, but we hope you love it of course.

It's a action/horror cross over with some intresting ideas,this was a idea that  was born out of my self and john shelton back in 1999 when we attended college in nottingham.We had only shot parts of the short with bits that needed to be filled in, i feel that this movie had heart and i was sad that we never got to finish it due to personal problems and other things in the film making team at the time. Now we have advanced HD digital camera's and better editing tools, i can't help but think what we can achive with this,we will have new members to the team,but the basis will stay the same,i met my good friend john shelton it was back in septemeber 1996 on a film making and media course, we soon became good friends and wanted to work on films in every aspect,It was great working with john as he also had good ideas and wanted to push what ever project i was working on forward, hence we shot lots of short films, it was not just talk,but action, we did what we said, good or bad as the product turned out? who cares we shot stuff, we got it edited, and we go a few people to see it,john did the editing on the big old editing systems back when we cut from bulky V-HS videos.

The project will be starting soon and im looking forward to getting a samll team together and starting production.

Please keep on tabs with this blog as i will be on here letting you know how we are doing good or bad haha :)


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