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David No Interview:By Anthony Dawe


Anthony Dawe:David, how did you first get involved in the Martial Arts and Action movie industry?David No:I was studying Physiotherapy when a friend introduced me to her neighbour who was at film school. We made a short film called The Huntsman, it was so much fun and so fascinating, I wanted to keep doing it.AD:You made a trailer, along with Action Director, Brent Houghton called Huntsman 5.1 what was the idea behind that as I know you approached the American Film Market, to make a feature length movie in 2000?DN...Read more

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Keith W.Strandberg Interview:By Anthony Dawe

No 1.Keith, with movies like tom yum goong and sha po lang hitting asia by storm, can we see the same effect in the states like back when you made no reatreat no surrender?

At first I thought they would, but they are not sophisticated enough to make a huge splash in the US. That's not to say that NRNS was sophisticated, it certainly wasn't, but the days when a low budget, poorly scripted and poorly acted martial arts movie with great action can succeed solely on the action alone are long gone in th...Read more

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Talking Movies

Well not much happening today? The U.K is covered in snow, worst for 18 years so they say, well I can’t remember it being like this since I was about 10 in 1990, snow drifts and the lot, this weather reminds me of a movie that I want to rent out, a zombie flick called “DEAD SNOW” it looks ok from what I have seen on you tube it’s about a group a guys and girls, they go camping up in some mountains some place and they get attacked by these Nazi zombies ,interesting Anyway  not sure much will get done now the snow is falling and it’s freezing, n...Read more

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The film project and deatail.


Well here I am back talking about the project again, had a really good think today about stuff, well the film anyway, since myself and john Shelton left the project due to other work commitments. Problems call it what you want etc. I’m just going to give a little re cap on the cast members, Joe dickens played a gangster/police informant that gets into trouble when he takes on the lead (myself) under cover cop, one scene that we started to shoot and edited was a scene in a police station where I am interrogating him abo...Read more

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Life in matter.


Relationships and career- blog body -

I first of all I want to say: what I write below is only my experience and doesn't mean every siuation or relationship in the world. But it's the experience I gained from myself, my friends, the movie business, travelling etc...So many careers are being devastated with people who have many talents but just have a bad relationship with a girl.

When I was 17 I had a friend, a very very good soccer player, he spent his life on training. He was popular because he was good. Th...Read more

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Film project.


The moment i'm working on a short film project with my good friend and film partner john shelton, we are still putting ideas and loactions together, it will be a british film with a hong kong/american cross over style, a movie that you can'tut in to a box and say that britsih thats american, it will be more cult film type, you will love it or hate it, but we hope you love it of course.

It's a action/horror cross over with some intresting ideas,this was a idea that  was born out of my self and john shelton back in 1...Read more

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December 1, 2008