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all i want the people to know..

 all i want the people to know that we came in this earth not only to make our dreams comes true.....any person must know the reason (why they come in this earth?!) and (to know the problems in earth) and( trying to fix those problems)thats in my opinion and to make our life peace and full of the happiness and let your life green..


amazing nature by banoootah_qtr.









most of people spending their money and wasteing the money for the negative things ..i didnt say don't spend your money i know its a desire for humen and everyone like money couse its important in our life but money it also has many positive and negative things .so spend your money for something good for example plan to build school for the handicapped , give money to the poor people ,try to help african poor people by sending your money to them...




iwant the people to know how is life wonderful when they helping and respecting about poor people and handicapped people and share with them ,talk to them and trying to know their feelings and try to know their problemsand its good to give them money...



Hands of the poor by tcabc pics.

the poor by lamalama666.

poor family by wasanthawitharana.

Two girls. by

(The place that the world forgot)


i want the people to thank god that

 gave as a wonderfull life....

Peace by Rami Abdelhadi.

Three Prabhus In Nature - Sun, Sky, Clouds by Vishvarupa.

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