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  • I Am A Winner

    Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008 6:34PM / Standard Entry

    I went to the Cancer Sell show last week which had alot of great art/toys for sale, with all the proceeds going to charity. There were even lottery tickets for a very reasonable £2. I felt that I should buy one with the hope of winning a small toy or a doodle or something like that. Imagine my excitement on Sunday, when I get a call that I have won a goodie bag from the show.....I get home and open up the black bag within a bag and what the fuck do I find inside?????? The contents of the above image!!!!!!
    1. A G-Spot massager
    2. 2x Golden Root (Viagra) Pills
    3. 6x Condoms of varying thickness
    4. A book about Fetishism
    5. 1x pair of suede bottomless pants
    6. A cock and ball ring
    7. Crocodile clip nipple tassles
    8. A bottle of Lube
    9. 3x The most fucked up Gay Fetish catalogues I have ever seen in my short life! (Urethral probes, cock cages, spanking gear, electroshock treatment and more!!!)

    So if there are any Gay fetishists who would like this collection, pls contact me so I can get it the fuck out of my house....

    p.s. I would like to say thanks to the organisers of Cancer Sell. The jokes on me I guess.....


  • Concrete Hermit Group Show

    Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008 6:12PM / Standard Entry

    A group show of prints and affordable work from a selection of all the artists that we have worked with. Including new work and some never exhibited before in the UK from Jon Burgerman, Ian Stevenson, Andrew Rae, Anthony Burrill, Neasden Control Centre, Jody Barton, eBoy, Supermundane, Cody Hudson, MWM Graphics, Andrew James Jones and many others…

    Untitled collaboration - paint pen on wood by Jon Burgerman, Ian Stevenson and Andrew Rae

    The show runs from Thurs 07.08 - 30.08

    Concrete Hermit
    5a Club Row
    E1 6JX
    Tel: +44 (0)207 729 2646

    Opening Times: 11am - 6pm Tues - Sun


  • Meals On Wheels

    Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008 5:44PM / Standard Entry

    Brilliant ad found on the CCTV blog.


  • British Telecom is Satan Pt 2

    Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008 5:30PM / Standard Entry

    For the fourth time, BT have screwed me over. Thing is, I'd love to leave their shitty internet/phone service, but I would incur a second fine of £120 (cancellation charges. So major apologies for not keeping to our general rule of daily updates. Right now, I'm sneaking this post in whilst at work.....


  • ADA Aquascape Contest 2005 Pics

    Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008 2:28AM / Standard Entry

    I came across these amazing images taken from the 2005 ADA Aquascape contest top 6 entries. No Takashi Amano, but plenty more talent from the cream of the crop in Aquascaping.

    World Ranking 6 Ryu Huei Yang, Korea

    World Ranking 5 Vladimir Uzhik, Ukraine

    World Ranking 4 Sham Kai Man, Hong Kong

    World Ranking 3 Kazunori Mitsuda, Japan

    World Ranking 2 Fumio Shiga, Japan

    World Ranking 1 Chen De Quen, Taiwan

    More incredible photos HERE.



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