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adam richards * official artist

Blog: Thursday, Jan 9

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AGoodDayToDieHard/LaMuscle Integrated TV Advert

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new year 2013

Video: http:// Happy new year to you all 2013. Hope you all have a great year  

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new video

Video: http://    new video let me no what you think 

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new music

Video: http://

 let me no what you think of this video ?

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new sword fight

sorry i have not been around much i have been work on a new sword fight for a  music video for  Teresa De Roberto hope you all like the photo and i can not wait too show you all the video 

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Blog: Friday, Mar 16

Making AssumptionsAssumptions are a part and parcel of life. We make so many assumptions about people, places and things.Assumptions are when we believe something to be true without actually knowing it to be so. We use assumptions as facts in our decision making process.When our assumptions are wrong, we may hurt others, make things complicated or have a misunderstanding.So, don't do it. Don't assume! Be curious and ask for more information. Take the time to find out the facts.

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Facing Fear with CourageCourage means facing your fear.  Instead of ' Forget  Everything  And  Run', face FEAR by, ' Face, Explore,  Accept and  Respond.'

Look at your fear and decide if you want to step out of your comfort zone and take action in spite of the fear.

Maintain your courage.  Courage gives you the strength to go beyond and overcome your fears.

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hello  to you all out there. i am just start work on a new TV show for sky 281 activity channel 

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new fight com soon

hi to you all i ve just got back from B. V .E FILM SHOW  in Earls Court in London UK  I Meet some really good people up at the show . I got  to play with lots of new camera .I  will be doing some film with some of the new camera this year so you will see what i can do with the new camera soon look forward to film some new fight an stunts and a new tv show come to you soon  x  

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adam richards * official artist

Action Director, Stuntperson


hello all i am adam richards stuntman an fight director for tv and film i like to add a bit of fire to my fight have a look at my web site www.adamrichardsfight ...Read more

School wu shu
Favorite Music lots, LA cool J
Languages Spoken english
English Name Adam Richards