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great that you have passion in your interest... I started 8 years ago with juggling and scratching, but you know why through your own words, that you want to "build a scene"? Its underground still, which means what may be "orgasmic" for you is not for the rest of the 98% of the population out there... which is also why I went into clubs, then from strictly hip hop to open format, and from a "turntablist" into a "DJ". Anything has its value whether you like it or not, and anything to be the best in your craft won't be easy or comes natural. Just my 2 cents... I keep scratching for 10 years and there'll probably be a handful of people that gives a $@!#%. I have yet went from a "DJ" to a true "artist" that doesn' t have to read the damn crowd, but play my own production...... but investing 10 years in that direction just seems more logical for me. Especially when "playing with turntables and vinyls" is already a hobby-like career that makes life a bumpy road to survive.
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Aaron Chan * official artist


Job student/DJ
Birthday 02-21
Location Hongkong
Gender male