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家瑋 許

How long

How long i don't 

laughWhen i am aging,the laugh become extravagant

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You can ask me

EverybodyLook hereYou can ask me one question!Just one question!And i can give you  true  answer!!

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Just i don't know! I need everybody give me yourself answer!

People can live hundred years!

so it is eternal!

Tree can live thousand years!

so it is eternal!

Earth maybe live 1000000000 years!

so it is eternal!

so i don't know!

what is eternal?

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I always laugh in the face of people!

Not mean my heart is laugh!

I don't want to let people know my real breast!

Angry can't say i angry!

Cry can't say i cry!

Laugh can say i laugh!

But no people know this laugh is real or false

I say i don't care~

Not mean i really don't care

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Video: love his dance in this mv !

So~clean and cool!

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what are you doing~? Mayeth~!

what are you doing for this (This guestbook is restricted to friends of mayeth)?


I can't leave message for you!

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It is my dog! It is my family,too

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