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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 13


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Its been a long time since i updated my blog!

i am having a great time now working in singapore on a show called 'Vision' its a magic show (meets Musical theatre) and is pretty cool! There have been some fantastic Dance rehearsals with still a long way to go...and im really looking forward to my singing part too. I will be hung from the stage in a cage in a costume made of feathers and things might get quite operatic! well a little. But im really looking forward to it and performing in such a beautiful theatre this summer.

I will be returning to Hong Kong for a week in June for British Chamber of Commers on the 24th june and also to Play Alice in Alice in Wonderland on the 22nd june..its all go go go!

Hope to have lots of cool pictures to come and a few video clips :)

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April onwards ..

A long time since i last added a blog update.

its been a very hectic but fun past couple of weeks.

Firstly started off in Bangladesh for 6ixty8ight fashion show. We performed one show infront of 10,000 people and it was amazing!! we got to show off the clothes that the workers in Bangladesh had been making and had never seen on anyone before, for them it was a great suprise and we had an amazing time performing for them and the people in Bangladesh who are the most lovliest people i have ever met..and certainly know how to throw a celebration.Our second performance was a V.I.P show in the Raddison Hotel for Hop Lun which is the company behind 6ixt8ight fashion, its was a fantastic job,very enjoyable and certainly looking forward to working for the again in the near future.

Arrived back in Hong Kong and carried straight on with work. i was rehearsing to make my demo..which i recorded last week and i'm so happy with it :) and rehearsing for a job for Audi in Shanghai which is where i'm at right now :) 9 days of shows.


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Blog: Monday, Mar 28

Had a really great week!

At the start of the week i was in guangzhou for a BMW event which went really well and was alot of fun...and hard work..but worth it!!! Got back just in time for the 7's weekend.

Over the 7's weekend i was involved in 2 great events. A private event in LKF Hotel on the saturday, which was' All That Jazz', a 1920's style gig involving a singing perfromance and a dance number,and sunday i danced for the new girl band Blush at the stadium for the 7's which was a lot of fun and i loved performing infront of 40,000 people. there was such a great energy...even though it was a little cold that day being on the pitch in a pair of shorts and little pink top! But cant complain really!!

This week i am rehearsing my songs to record my demo and also starting Rehearsals for the 10th anniversary of 6ixty8 fashion range in Bangladesh which will be taking place the following week.


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Blog: Sunday, Mar 20

In rehearsals for BMW event in China at the moment which is going great!
looking forward to getting my songs together to record my demo track next week and then its getting ready for 6ixty8 dance fashion show rehearsals 10th year anniversary in Bangladesh!

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Blog: Tuesday, Mar 15

This month is crazy good busy!

Singing at Rayne went really well on 10th onf march and i will bethere on a thursday evenings from 10pm .

Every week i rehearse with Bobby Taylor. Founder/producer of Jackson 5. He has worked with many other motown legends inc. supremes, Marvin Gaye.  it has been an honour to be singing some of his origional songs and i recently got to sing the famous 'i'll be there' with his fabulous band! Hopefully will be singing with them again soon.

A crazy month for Dance gigs. There is something going on every week... alot of Rehearsals and rest inbetween!

Hopefully will have a few demo tracks down very soon..something im still working on and looking forward to hearing when they are done ;)

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Rayne. Thursday 10th of March from 9pm


Looking forward to my first Thursday at Rayne this week!

Come along .. from 9pm...

Week is crazy as rehearsing for 4 different events,learning lyrics for 12 different songs and in the studio till hard..and work hard!

Demo's in the process!! :)

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Singing for the Burlesque Premier went great!

The costumes were great, Thanks to Stefanie at Showtime ! and the songs are fab! A big thanks to sony USA nad HK for providing the backing tracks.

My next singing event will be on Thursday 10th of March at Rayne.

Also this month i will be dancing for BMW event in Beijing and have regular Dance events every weekend in march..will post the details soon!

Every week i'll be in Likuid and republik letting loose with some hot freestyle moves and funky costumes!  Come on down and party!!

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Blog: Sunday, Feb 27

Latest events.

Burlesque Movie Premier.

Recentley performed for the movie premier of Burlesque with Sony music and pictures backing. It was a great event to be appart of and teh songs are great to sing and are surely to be added to my repertoire.

My next vocal performance will be at Rayne on March 10th 2011 from 9pm.

I am also currently rehearsing origianal songs with the legendary Bobby Taylor whist working on commercial pop covers and jazz rep.

I have many up coming Dance gigs and i am exited to be going to work in Singapore from may-july on The David Copperfield magic show. 2011.

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