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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK2i54puwjw&feature=related Pretty much every woman goes thru a cycle every month. Different shades for different women.


For me - today - I have been in a state of borderline rage for two days.

I need some PAIN to stabilize the mood.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1erxu-UF4c&...Read more

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Weekend in a tent

yup, I was living rough this weekend, one night in a tent -  woaw.


How ever did I survive this ordeal?


well, I got some  help from my brother of another mother...


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I came back for a glance and found I had been chosen

....By Kuhitsu

And now I have to 1. answer twenty questions and 2. pass this on to 11 people, I don't know what will be the hardest...

**This is a wonderful game.  For those who have been picked, please state who has picked you for the game.

The rules of the game:


Answer the questions as follows.  Then, delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be 20 questions in total.  Pass it on to 11 people and li...Read more

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Come on, bruise my knuckles with your face

There are people who make a choice - by themselves, for themselfs - to hurt others.


somethimes children.


children have been murdered in sweden, lately it's turning epidemic.


the lastest - a 10 year old girl, her name was Engla, from the swedish word for Angel. The murderer was a man who has been quilty of similar crimes since he was 19 years old - he is now 42 years old. He said in policeinterviews that he just wanted to talk to her and she kicked his leg so ...Read more

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One of THOSE days.

To wash dirty dishes is boring, sticky, icky and well – boring. So I don’t. So the dirty dishes forms an interesting landscape in my kitchen. Things grow and prosper. Not very pleasant.


One day I was thinking about all the dirty dishes in my kitchen and how nice it would be if they could just disappear. Then I wrote this story… prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /



What I am about to tell you is something that happened to me a while ago, it was one of THOSE...Read more

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 I enjoy writing short stories from time to time, this is a little one I wrote a couple of years ago when I was under strikt routine to write one story every day.****


To write a story is no easy task. It’s more than just grabbing a pen and some paper and getting started. One need inspiration, a subject, a topic of conversation if you will. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


What story should I tell today... I wonder.


 How about trees?It could be about a tree, trees...Read more

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It returns - moahahaha

I have a blue soul - sometimes it brings me down - hard. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Life however is not about how hard you fall it's about how you get back up.


By now I have fallen so many times I have a portable staircaise in my pocket =)



I have now decided enough is enough, life is to short and its time to have a few laughs. Or a lot of them...


Well I'm not quite back, but I have at least unfolded the s...Read more

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Holy Crap and associates!

Today I'm at GeKås, a large shoppingmall known for cheap prices and that sometimes you have to stand i line just to get in. I hate crowds and today it's the 25:th, they day pretty much everybody in sweden get's paid....

in conclusion - I'm at the WRONG place, at the  WRONG time.

Luckily they have an internetcafe where I can spend an hour surfing the web in relative peace and quiet =)

Ah, it could be worse, I get to meet my cousin and her family, I haven't seen them for a l...Read more

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Lazy Westerners - nighttime thinking

Sometimes I wonder what excatly the problem is?

You know, there are huge diffrences between diffrent countries, some are considered to be rich others poor. A country is considered rich if it has schools, hospitals, fancy cars and nice houses - running hot and cold water and people enjoy the luxury of taking a healty dump inside their homes. The poor countries lacks most or all of these advantages.

Still in the rich countries there are problems, the kind of problems you can expect from a country that has fa...Read more

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