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Video: Pretty much every woman goes thru a cycle every month. Different shades for different women.


For me - today - I have been in a state of borderline rage for two days.

I need some PAIN to stabilize the mood.



love this artist


http:// another day or two everything will come in pink fluff, but today...the world needs to watch out


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Weekend in a tent

yup, I was living rough this weekend, one night in a tent -  woaw.


How ever did I survive this ordeal?


well, I got some  help from my brother of another mother...


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I came back for a glance and found I had been chosen

....By Kuhitsu

And now I have to 1. answer twenty questions and 2. pass this on to 11 people, I don't know what will be the hardest...

**This is a wonderful game.  For those who have been picked, please state who has picked you for the game.

The rules of the game:


Answer the questions as follows.  Then, delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be 20 questions in total.  Pass it on to 11 people and list the people who will need to answer those questions.  Notify them by signing on their guestbook and tell them that they've been picked.  The chosen ones will have to answer the questions.  They will then be forever blessed by God and everyone.


The 11 chosen ones will have to mention who has picked them and they will have to pass it onto others in order for the game to continue.  There are to be no repeated invites.  The chosen one will be blessed by everyone who has participated in this game and their wishes will come true in the not so distant future.

~The questions begin~

  1. Is reality in this world harsh?

A: Sometimes, but it's better to face it - it has a way of biting you in the s if you don't pay close attention to it

2. What is the happiest thing in life?

A: A long walk with a good friend and a backpack full of nice food to share.

3. How

long has it been since you've thought about things quietly? (In this busy lifestyle) A: Five minutes maybe, I think too much for my own good

  1. What country would you really want to travel to?

A: Madagaskar

  1. What annoys you most about yourself?

A: My perception of time. If I have five minutes left before I have to go I think I have plenty of time to... do the dishes, bake a kake, redecorate the bedroom...6. What do you do if you're not happy?

A: Listen to blues, read anything written by Kinky Friedman, go for a long walk7. What is your personal goal in life

A: Stop beeing scared of trying8. Any practical goals in the next 5 years?

A: To get some goals....

  1. Any habits you cant get rid off?

A: Sleeping late 10. So you are made ruler of the world for the next week - what's on your "to-do" list?


11. The most beautiful place?


12. If you can fulfill one wish, what would it be?

A:To fall in love with someone who loves me back.

  1. Coffee or Tea?

A:Yes, please :)

14. What do you think you lack and how would you like to improve upon that?

A:Happiness. How to improve on that I honestly don't know, will have to get back to ya on that one...

15. What would you want to do if there were 7 days left before the end of the world?

A:  Ahem...well, better not answer this one I think, might be children reading it... =)

16. What's on your mind today?

A:Nothing positive so I'm keeping it to myself

17.Say something honest to someone you're thinking of. (Say that person's name as well)

A: Kuhitsu - thanxs for the invite to this game, sorry I haven't been keeping in touch the way I should.

18. Any situation that you'd hate?

A:The knowledge of individuals hurting children and being allowed to continue.

19. What is the worst thing that can happen on this earth?

A: That we stop caring for eachother.

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: Older, wiser, happy or at least content


I have chosen:

Yenan0406, jnaya, moonchild72,, allsaints16, JYD, djrek, geisha_boi, ooky, sean001, JayH


because they are new here - or happened to be in the shoutbox when I saw this post in my guestbook =)

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Come on, bruise my knuckles with your face

There are people who make a choice - by themselves, for themselfs - to hurt others.


somethimes children.


children have been murdered in sweden, lately it's turning epidemic.


the lastest - a 10 year old girl, her name was Engla, from the swedish word for Angel. The murderer was a man who has been quilty of similar crimes since he was 19 years old - he is now 42 years old. He said in policeinterviews that he just wanted to talk to her and she kicked his leg so he got mad.... This is how he justifies to himself the murder of a ten year old girl.


This makes me furious on so many levels. HE WAS NINTEEN YEARS OLD!  the first time - he committed a violent crime - WTF?? how can this man still be doing this? why did nobody react before it got this far?



It is not the evil of evil people

It's the silence of the good people.


Evil can be stopped. I have to belive this or I'll hang myself.

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One of THOSE days.

To wash dirty dishes is boring, sticky, icky and well – boring. So I don’t. So the dirty dishes forms an interesting landscape in my kitchen. Things grow and prosper. Not very pleasant.


One day I was thinking about all the dirty dishes in my kitchen and how nice it would be if they could just disappear. Then I wrote this story… prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /



What I am about to tell you is something that happened to me a while ago, it was one of THOSE days – everybody has them. Things are just a bit off, not quite right, nothing works and nothing makes sense.


It began as a normal day, a bit windy but nothing worth getting upset about. I returned to my dear - somewhat disorganised – home about nineisch in the evening. My honourable father had been kind and driven me home in his automobile.


A Citroën to be precise.


Baby blue.


When I opened my door and stepped into my apartment I could sense something was not quite up to its normal standard.


There was a strange smell.

Sounds came from behind my kitchen door.




A decision forms.


A prompt investigation takes place.


I step into my kitchen. I look around.


How odd!


There is no kitchen.


I try again. Maybe I have stepped into somebody else’s apartment by accident.


My name is on the door.


My neighbours name is on the neighbours door. I go back to the apartment.


Kitchen insists on not being in its place.


How annoying!


I’m not a person to get overly exited over trivial matters, and I try to remain calm under all circumstances. But this is a bit much even for me!


I decide to go to bed and sleep on it.


Brush my teeth, wash my face, put on my pyjamas with the little bunnies slaughtering small children and crawl into bed.


Next morning.


Kitchen is still persistently not there.




This is getting on my nerves – where, I ask you, am I supposed to have breakfast. Where is my coffee?


Now I do realise that anyone reading this who’s got a bit of intelligence and who is not yet asleep wonders what has happened to the kitchen? Normally a kitchen does not suddenly decide to go visit its aunt for the weekend.


I can only agree – it is a very good question.


I have no answer.


My kitchen was quite simply gone. In its place there was now a small room with nothing in it except a door standing in the middle of the room.


Not a regular, normal door but a wooden door with a strikingly blue colour. A bit larger than the average standard, approved and tested Swedish door.


Well, not much left to do about it.


I open the door.


I close the door.


The situation demands careful thought and thorough planning.


I call in sick, and then I go downtown to have some breakfast – coffee, yoghurt an apple and a piece of bread. After my meal it’s time for some shopping. I purchase what I think will come in handy.


One (1) tent

Hikingboots – 1 pair

Food enough to last two weeks

The biggest, sharpest knife I could find (approx prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /2 inches long)

One (1) baseball bat

Warm clothes

One (1) sleeping bag


I return to the apartment.


Change to warm, sturdy clothes, put on my new hiking boots, pack the backpack, take a deep breath.


Open the blue door in what used to be my kitchen.


I step into the forest.


I hear a sound.


Turn around.


The door is no longer there.


That is a bit uncomfortable I must admit.


By now I’m beginning to feel a bit annoyed at the situation, it is after all quite ridiculous, who would want to steal my kitchen? And how did they do it?


And where is my coffee?


I march into the woods; I march out on the other side. Good. It was not a pleasant place. In front of me there is now a meadow – not much of an improvement, the grass is dead and crunches under my feet when I walk over it. In the centre of the meadow there is a tent. It is a striped tent – actually the same pattern I have on my other pyjamas, the tent is just slightly larger and with a different shape than the garment mentioned.


I walk up to the tent and step inside.


There is my kitchen.


What is it doing here?


I walk through the kitchen and into my hallway.


Hey! How very peculiar.


I turn around and the meadow is gone. No tent either, with or without stripes.


Ah – well…that is life for ya, sometimes it’s just weird.


Maybe I should do some dishes.


I wash up a couple of glasses and go to bed.


The next morning things are back to normal.






The couch has apparently been replaced by a somewhat upset hippopotamus.




A new day – a new challenge.



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 I enjoy writing short stories from time to time, this is a little one I wrote a couple of years ago when I was under strikt routine to write one story every day.****


To write a story is no easy task. It’s more than just grabbing a pen and some paper and getting started. One need inspiration, a subject, a topic of conversation if you will. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


What story should I tell today... I wonder.


 How about trees?It could be about a tree, trees are nice.





-“Trees are nice, you know”.



I don’t know where that thought came from, but it didn’t feel like it was my own. I was taking a walk, it was autumn and you have to grab the chance. Can’t sit indoors and fiddle with the computer or watch movies when the sun shines – not during the Swedish autumn, have to grab the chance for some sun. So that’s what I did, grabbed the chance.


Early autumn, a clearblue sky and just the right flavour of cold in the air, magical.


I had just entered the forest when the thought was thought for me.


-         “Trees are nice, you know”


Well, why not I thought. I wonder how a naughty tree might behave?Drop leaves on innocent people passing by?


Mabye that’s when I saw it. The tree. It stood a bit to itself up on a hill. At first glance it looked like an old oak but when I came closer I could see that it was something else. The leaves was not quite shaped like the leaves of an oak, and the colour of the trunk was slightly off, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I was certain this was no oak tree.


It just looked like one.


It smelled a bit like a mix of sunwarm strawberries and tobacco.


I walked up to the tree and sat down. Leaned my back against it’s trunk.Listened. Yes, this tree had something to say. I closed my eyes and listened to it’s story, stories as a matter of fact. When I opened my eyes again it was night. I walked home.


I don’t remember what the tree told me that day. I went back the next day. At the top of the hill there is a large, very old and very beautiful oaktree. I sit there sometimes. No more stories – that’s ok.


Trees are quite nice you know.






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It returns - moahahaha

I have a blue soul - sometimes it brings me down - hard. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Life however is not about how hard you fall it's about how you get back up.


By now I have fallen so many times I have a portable staircaise in my pocket =)



I have now decided enough is enough, life is to short and its time to have a few laughs. Or a lot of them...


Well I'm not quite back, but I have at least unfolded the staircaise and started to climb - it's a start. And for now, that is enough.


Take care of yourselfs. And if you can't be good at least have fun while your'e beeing bad

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Holy Crap and associates!

Today I'm at GeKås, a large shoppingmall known for cheap prices and that sometimes you have to stand i line just to get in. I hate crowds and today it's the 25:th, they day pretty much everybody in sweden get's paid....

in conclusion - I'm at the WRONG place, at the  WRONG time.

Luckily they have an internetcafe where I can spend an hour surfing the web in relative peace and quiet =)

Ah, it could be worse, I get to meet my cousin and her family, I haven't seen them for a long time so its great fun catching up (when they are not busy shopping - they loooove crowds - each to their own I suppose  ).

Another good thing -  I finally got my grubby hands on Ringu 0, it's pretty hard to get a hold of in sweden these days so that's great - now I can have nightmares about Sadako again! =)

Off to slurf the web some more - cya!



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Lazy Westerners - nighttime thinking

Sometimes I wonder what excatly the problem is?

You know, there are huge diffrences between diffrent countries, some are considered to be rich others poor. A country is considered rich if it has schools, hospitals, fancy cars and nice houses - running hot and cold water and people enjoy the luxury of taking a healty dump inside their homes. The poor countries lacks most or all of these advantages.

Still in the rich countries there are problems, the kind of problems you can expect from a country that has fancy cars, hospitals, schools and no war for hundreds of years.

We get depressed. Alot. More and more people are on permanent sick leave because they can no longer work, because they feel sad, or because they are in pain. It is a problem on many levels, partly of course nobody wants to be sick and feel bad and partly because the people that are sick, well they cost money, money that could be used for other things.

Now I ask you to not misunderstand me. If a person is sick, no matter, they deserve and should get help from people around them and from society - no exeptions.

I simply wonder....

I have money. Food on the table. A roof over my head. Nobody has taken a shoot at me - ever.

I should be happy - but I'm not. I think about people that can not feed their children, that die because they do not have penicillin - I take a ten minute walk and I have food and medicine, all I could want, if I lack enough money to by them - I get help from society to pay for it. There are people starving to death - and I can't muster the energy to walk into my kitchen and fix dinner! Lazy? or depressed?

I have a blue soul - pretty much my whole family does. I have fought off depression before, on many occations. Lately I have begun to wonder - it is oh so easy to hide behind "I'm depressed, leave me alone" and shut everybody out. But who is to gain from that? Me? If there was an actual reason for me to be depressed, I could have more patience with myself, but not like this.

I'm depressed because I don't get enough exercise and I don't eat right - I don't get any sun. Because of this my brain goes bonkers and shuts down. So - easy solution to the problem, right, my friend? Get my lazy ass of the comfortable couch and go for a walk. Yes, it would be easy, but I can't even be bothered to do that much.

So, have I had a too easy life? I think so, a bit of pain a bit of struggle is good for you, I have had none of that. And I am not alone. Most westerners enjoy this luxury and it has made us lazy. We sit in front of our TV:s and our computers all day long and expect to be entertained. Not a lot of people read books enymore - it's too much work!

I read about countries where the children fight for their right to go to school - here the kids can hardly be bothered with it - takes to much time from reaching the next level of Quake (or whatever).

I think the pendulum is about to swing. The poor countries work hard to get ahed, their children go to school if they can, they struggle to survive. Eventually their work will pay off and they will prosper - and then what will the westerners be like? After our kids didn't pay attention in class - they want to grow up and be Paris Hilton, children in other parts of the world want to become lawyers, doctors.

Give it a generation, mabye two. Things will change.

Of course it would be better if us "rich folks" simply shut of the TV and took a walk - outside, where there is sun and real people to enteract with. Mabye then one day, all of us on this planet can enjoy the luxury of taking a healty dump inside our homes.







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