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Halloween sends the team

Today is October last day, also is Halloween Each city should allhave the preparation program The bar, believed in particular thetonight very is definitely lively HOHO! Goes to the supermarket to buya between-meal snack Evening about seven started to have has movedBelieved today can run into very many stars, he he

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The later day all sings the festival

Shanghai at the end of October sings very is crazy

According to the arranged in order, has the interest everybody to beallowed at the appointed time to listen :

1.JJ 林俊杰

Date/Time:   In October 14

Venue:          虹口足球场

2. 五月天

Date/Time:  In October 20

Venue:         Shanghai Stadium

3. 刘德华

Date/Time:  In October...Read more

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Rainy day

             Started the rain continuously off and on from yesterday. Thetemperature drops very quick, was not quickly to the winter

            Because the rainy day relations also let me start in the bedding to beloaf, perhaps this season is this

            This time is good wants to eat together the sweet potato, even if alsocan think coldly in the room.

           Today saw the weather forecast, very many cities all have severalappearances. Calculated south fortunately selected. Heh heh.

           Everybody als...Read more

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The day is cold

            Started to rain, starts to blow the wind, started to decreasetemperature

             Starts to store up the summer the clothes, displayed the fallclothing

             Autumn just approached in my eye

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Fairy tale

          <> gained the foot my tear, South Korea's ソープオペラ , always letthe person love and hate .

          Holds the dream the girls all can have such dream Ha ha, I indeedhave princess to get sick!

           Hoped I the prince can like in the imagination to be equally perfect..Graciousness Occasionally has a dream can mouth-watering have suchdream Read more

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           Some people are continuously can engrave in the life, even if hadforgotten his sound had forgotten his smiling face has forgotten hisface, but each time remembers him, that kind of feeling, actuallynever can change.

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Suddenly thought section of speeches


Loves, liked not once receives a wound to be same

Dances, likes nobody appreciation to be same

Loves, liked not once receives a wound to be same

Sings, likes nobody to listen respectfully is same

Works, likes does not need the money to be same

The life, likes today is the weekend is same



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The early morning runs

             Has flushed cup of coffee, the hamburger which was left over lastnight heats up with the microwave oven, started the first day food

           The recent sleep is not good, always has at sixes and sevens dream,therefore the early morning jogs the breath fresh air

           But I get up am not earliest, in the square person are very many.Middle-aged person and old person most, the young people are verylazy, needs to engage in introspection. Originally well, is listeningto the music. Had not thought for is p...Read more

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