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Here is being occupied by queen of the snow

Is snow gleams white throughout the year, north terminus ,lapland

In that deepest coldest place, has queen's of the snow palace

The white snow builds the wall, the cold cold wind makes the window in the ice palace

Isolates in the world all warm currents, queen of the person's ice-cold snow

She is in the world the most beautiful person, is also the loneliest person

Therefore she has carried off JAYI,gedaier to seek JAYI arrived at queen's of the snow dwelling ——lapland

Queen of the snow to JAYI said that the people dislike my nobody to want to be the friend with me I to have only then the ice-cold back and the piercing cold wind

Why however did you say that must make friend JAYI with me not to be able to reply immediately cannot reply queen of the snow asks JAYI once more

Why however did you say that must make friend JAYI with me to hesitate one will say finally, because loved because loved you

Who my is JAYI ...

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