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Nice songs!

A new song which is on my Top Most Played list!!

Can't stop looping it all day!

And of course, it's by one of my favourite singers in Taiwan, Leehom Wang!

王力宏《你不知道的事》 Video:

Here comes to one of my lifetime favourites!

Nice melody, nice lyrics, and of course it's sung by a nice singer!

林憶蓮《至少還有你》 Video: And know what, recently I found out this song is actually my friend's piece!!!!!!!

How amazing is he!!!

thumbs up

And what else, is this amazing Russian Artist!

He's just AWESOME!!!!

He just has it all: talent, cute face, nice body, lovely family!!! Argh god is unfair!! lol

Vitas《Opera 2》 Video: Vitas《Dedication》 Video: Seriously, I just can't help falling in love with him!!! LOL

Sadly he's married :P


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I was on a Chinese TV show

Dear blog,

It's been LONG since my last entry, I feel sorry about that lol

Though it's been only 2 months since 2011 has started, lots happened to me!

Let's not talk about those bad things which I have already forgotten (Don't ask me what are those about!)

Funny thing is I've been to Changsha, Hunan with Metro Vocal Group earlier in January, for a popular TV show 《天天向上》(Day Day Up) recording.

What's so funny is I was sent on stage which was completely out of my expectation...

(I should have dressed much nicer if I knew it!!! Argh)

It's because they've actually prepared a translator for the Metro guys and the MCs during the chit-chat. They claimed that the translator got almost full mark in English in college but the director still thought her English sucks.. so the director just simply asked me to be a sub..

Anyways it's a funny experience, here are some of the pictures:

Me, Metro, and the MCs were chit-chatting on stage

Me and Metro, with me looking extra stupid and ugly and fat with my hair tied up!! I had no choice, the director made me do that :(

Haha they caught "OD", one of the MCs, came hug me twice lol. That guy was really funny!

They even had an arrow to ask people to pay attention to that LMAO

Hahaha ya it's really interesting and funny experience!

I was thinking if that's my first time on TV and I think that's not...

I was on TV when I was young... I forgot what program was it..

Lemme ask mom.....



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My Performances in 2010

Did a few performances in 2010, mainly with The Show Choir.

And sometimes solo performances, sometimes with a band...

gained some stage experiences but still,, freaked out every single time when I perform on stage.

I gotta overcome this in 2011!!!!!!!!

Here are the videos of some of my performances

1st Jan, 2010 - Performing at Harbour City

Video: Another one with friends, performing at Agnes b theatre. this one is actually crap


Some of the videos are not on youtube but on facebook.

And here's the link:

Singing 安靜 (Silent) by Jay Chou at iSquare!/video/video.php?v=10150202224620223&comments


Singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga at Backstage. This one is really creepy as I was terribly sick that moment...!/video/video.php?v=10150215950050223&comments




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Movie Night!!


I've been waiting for this movie for a loooooong time as both Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are 2 of my fav actors!!!

I hope it's a good one

Here is the trailer of the movie


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Reflection for 2010

Dear blog,

This year is gonna end soon...

it's time for me to do a lil bit reflection / summary for the year.

Well so far I think 2010 is kind of a big year for me,

lots of things happened, no matter good and bad,

I did learn a lesson from all these happened to me.

Resigned from my former job Staying at the same company for 2 years, doing boring office job, sitting there facing the computer for the whole day, handling paper work, etc. That's really not my stuff. I know what exactly I wanna do. That's why I just quitted it. But what I got from this company during these 2 years, is a group of true friends that really care about me a lot!!!

Got a new job and working with Metro I would say that I'm really lucky to get his job since Metro was looking for an internship assistant while I was looking for a job! I have been longing to work in the music industry so bad and here comes the chance even though it's just an internship position!! And seriously these guys are awesome!

Moved out from home for a year and moved back Left home in August 2009, was living with my friend Sara. Living by myself without family is always what I want!!


  • I really enjoyed the silence I had when I was alone at home as I can really take a good rest after the long day without anyone disturbing me. 

  • It's really good way to learn to be independence even though I think I have been always more independence than other girls at my age.

  • I can always do what I want at home!


  • You know, sometimes I just wanna be lazy, just wanna lie on the bed doing nothing, but there are lots of clean-ups you HAVE to do.

  • When you're sick, you would really really want someone to take care of you.

  • Without parents' guardianship, sometimes I just went too crazy... seriously... I mean TOO crazy!Now I'm moving back to my family and seriously I just hated this lol. They're just way too noisy!

5 people in an apartment is just too much...

Conclusion: Will move out soon!!!! (when I know I can control my craziness )

Had a BAD date Dated this German-Persian mixed guy and it's just pain in the ass. Heart kinda broken.. alright yes I mean really broken. Well what else can I say? I did learn a lesson from him and that makes me feel better!

What else? TOO MANY things happened which I can't recall... and can't tell all here

After all it's just another fair year to me. But did learn a lot... did grow up a lot...


Time to plan for the next year!!!



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Happy Boxing Day!!

Dear blog,

HAPPY BOXING DAY!! Wish y'all have a nice holiday and hope you like all the gifts from your beloved friends and family!! :)

Actually Boxing Day doesn't really mean anything to me,,, to me it's just a public holiday and that's all because I usually open the gift at the moment when I received it :P

Apparently there's no one really reading me as there's no comment on my blog entries at all lol

But it's okay laaa, as I just started this blog for like couple weeks. In the future I hope there could be someone somehow spending his/her lil spare time somewhere, maybe Starbucks? PCC? or home? reading my blog, and kindly leaving a few words for me. That would really make my day!!! :)

Okay let's talk about my Christmas this year.

This is probably the 4th or 5th single Christmas for me. At the beginning I thought it's gonna be another tough one for me since all my friends are coming out in pairs..

It wasn't really true tho. I had a great time with my beloved friends and I really enjoyed it!!

It proved that Single Christmas can be joyful too!!!!

So now Christmas is over, what does that suppose to mean?

Well for me it means year 2010 is gonna end soon!! Maybe it's time for me to reflect what I've done this year? and think of a prospect for year 2011?

Hmmm lemme think about it and I'll write soon!

Currently at friend's place, gonna make Chinese dumplings soon!

Wish y'all a nice evening!



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Wish y'all a Merry little Christmas

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How can I add people as a friend? Do I have to be their fan first?

Even I did, I couldn't even find a "Add as friend" button...

OK I admit that I'm kind of a computer idiot... I just have no clue.. lol

Please kindly teach me if you know hahaha :P



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Start Blogginggggg

Dear Blog,


Well I just found out that it's been years since my last blog!!!

No I'm not talking about my last blog entry which I did like 2 weeks ago, I mean an actual BLOG.

I used to do blogging a lot when I was in high school, like almost every single day!

But after graduating, I just don't feel like having the motivation to do all these...

Well I'm sure laziness is the main reason..

Sometimes I can't help but wonder, is there anyone out there reading me?

But I'm sure you are, aren't you? Somebody? Anybody?

Alright even none of you are reading, I'm starting my blogging life again :)

Okay just a little update about myself.

Well recently I'm starting to learn guitar, my short-term target is to learn a song which I can do a cover of it, of course I'll share with y'all when I really did it. And my long-term target, well haha it's gonna take me years, but I really wish I can master this instrument :)

Here's a picture of my guitar and new picks! Good luck to me lol


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Hello everyone...

Being urged by friends for thousand times, and finally I'M HERE!!!!! ;-)

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