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Audio Tips n Tricks 1: Time Stretching!

Alright, I don't know how many people on here are making music or want to make music but I know that a lot of people work in some sort of media-form that uses music or sound so here goes...

I've taken a sample from a pretty well known song (figure it out!) here just so you can hear what's happening and pitched it down 2 semitones (which would be, if it were in C, to A#) to make it sound a bit more soft and dream-like.

Next I'm going to open an application called Paulstretch (google it, I...Read more

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The Adventure of Pete and Pete

Does anyone remember this show? When I was a kid (oh so long ago) I loved it! This show was probably my first big dive into the surreal as well....

The things I most remember about it were Artie: strongest man...in the world.

and this one scene that I don't think I'll ever forget where they take a trip to the beach and dig out a cutlass supreme from under the sand. Any show where they dig out a cutlass supreme on the beach has to be good, right?

edit: it also guest-starred, from time to time, Ste...Read more

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