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Peaceful end to a stressful day

Oh my god it feels nice to sleep. I really couldn't help it! Just walked into the room, took off my backpack, cataloged a few things and boom straight down on the bed. I could have slept for hours.

Sigh... I'd forgotten how nice it is to fall asleep next to a warm body. Is it wrong if a guy likes to cuddle? Isn't there a more manly word for it? Probably not....

Anyway, Has anyone ever heard of Mint Royale? I guess they aren't very popular over here in the States but they are probably best known for their rework of Singin in the Rain (yes, the one you're thinking of)

My favorite song of theirs isn't on youtube, but my second favorite is. It's called Don't Falter, enjoy.

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Cool, I like both but I love the second one more. I LOVE singing in the rain, but I wish in the first one, the melody came in just a little more. I'm gonna iTunes these folks... thanks!
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I think guys that don't like to cuddle or sleep next to someone are messed up LOL :) *huggle/snuggle*
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There's absolutely nothing wrong when I guys want to cuddle ;) I'd enjoy that ^^
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mint royale~~ lol.. i love them :] my friend's cousin did the dancing for 1 of the "things"
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