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My quest....

Starting tonight I have embarked on a quest (a silly quest mind you) where I will force myself to listen to every album that Prince has ever put out....as of right now I'm nearly done with my 5th of the night....luckily I started with the stuff that was really good....but sometime tomorrow I'll have to deal with the late '90s and early 2000's and I'll finally have to listen to The Rainbow Children, which I've been avoiding like the plague because of its religious connotations (Jehovahs ya know?)

anyway here's what I've finished tonight, in the order I listened to them:

Dirty Mind



Prince (self titled)

Around The World in a Day

Purple Rain


Sign O' The Times (Side note: One of the few Prince album covers I actually like, Purple Rain is decent as well.)


Graffiti Bridge

Diamonds and Pearls

Love Symbol


The Gold Experience (I'm sure some of you remember "The Most Beautiful GIrl In The World" it was, after all, Prince's most successful record of the '90s)

As you can see by this little update, I've hit the '90s finally. Sadly, the material here isn't as good as the '80s or even the late '70s, but there are quite a few songs that can be called some of his best ever.

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If anyone says this blog is retarded, then they are retards!!! This is so cool!!! I'm gonna do this with Cold Chisel one day...but first I need a job so I can buy all their stuff...I'll do it with Jimmy Barnes too.
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I am looking forward to your experience on this! I personally own two best of albums from the beginning of the 90s...
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Are you acquiring all his albums for this quest of yours? There would be lots to acquire! I think the only one I ever owned was Purple Rain. Come to think of, I liked his earlier tunes bc they danced well (important) and they were more stripped down than his later, fancier, laden tracks.
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haa u know when i first came to America...... I thought Prince and Michael jackson was the same person.. LOL........... then my father had to correct me.......... it was funny
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Dude you sure like your Prince. I liked his music back in the Purple Rain days. Did I ever tell you that Mr. B can do that thing where Prince flutters his fingers up and down in front of his face really well - almost too well :P I can't believe he turned 50 last year.
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Oh, you've updated this one here. I think I can only abide the old tunes. I think the latest tune radio stations like to play is Raspberry Beret...sth like that.
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