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good news and bad news

Good news: I made the deans list

Bad news: I'm fairly certain that I won't be getting that job I had an interview for on Monday so I might not even get to go to college next semester woo!

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DaMn the bad news.
about 12 years ago
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Dean's list. Yay! Job - hafta keep on trying; something will come up...or be more "open."
about 12 years ago
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Congrats on the Dean's list .. now you can join Phi Theta Kappa ^^ Keeping fingers & toes crossed .. sayin' prayers too .. hope u DO get the job!!!
about 12 years ago
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dean's list! yay! awww...dont be so grim...im sure you'll get the job! screw the bad news!
about 12 years ago
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Congrats, even though I don't know what it means to get on a "Dean's list"!!! Not to worry... And dude, Monday hasn't come yet, so just keep your fingers crossed...I hope you get it...if not keep looking, you're certain to find something, maybe they aren't so picky over there...
about 12 years ago
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Woo...and uh that sucks.
about 12 years ago
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what's your major?
about 12 years ago
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Congrats, when there's a will, there's a way (can take up some suggestions as we discussed)
about 12 years ago
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oh man I'm sorry. I hope something turns up for you on the job front.
about 12 years ago
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wow the deans list...........very good
about 12 years ago
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about 12 years ago


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