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Cascades of Colour

Ok, let's see....What have I done today? Anything important? Nope. Did anything incredibly terrible happen to me that would make for an interesting read? nah...

Oh well, here we go...

Woke up to a phone call at about 11:00 am from the gf telling me to get up because we had to go shopping. I then proceeded to get up, look at the clock, and go back to sleep. I got another call around 11:30 because she was nearly at the door....so I did what I always do and cried a little as I got up to let her in.

I can't really remember much after that but I DO remember taking a shower and leaving the house sometime around 1 or 2...took forever because I had a million things to do before we left! Stupid untidy room.....

Anyway...got to Mervyn's (I think that's where we went) and looked around for a bit, I was really tired so I just picked out some underwear (I can't resist soft underwear....it's a personal weakness) and we left.

After that I wanted to check out this book store in the Laurel Village...I couldn't resist OK? Got 2 new books (oh god)

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers - which was the basis for Wayne Wang's movie of the same name.

The Book of Lost Things - Looks really interesting in a dark fairy tale sort of way. Two people want to read this before I do which means it'll actually get read before the year is over.

After that we went for food then hung out for a while and parted ways around 10 pm. I went home to work on a tune and wound up spending 3 hours on drums alone.

Expect clips early next week!

Edit 1: This blogs title is a reference to a song by the Ananda Project (house group) from 1998 called, you guessed it, Cascades of Colour which was remixed in 2006 by Logistics (who I mentioned in my previous blog). It's really calming....you can listen to it here:

Also, is anyone interested in doing a reading group type thing where we all read the same book every 1-2 months and then chat about it? Maybe it'll get some of you lazier people to read!

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I wswear I willget that book by next week. You better wait for me to get it !!!!! Soft underwear ... kinky ones for myself is a personal weakness too (jking ... you will never find me in those :P)
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i want the reading group !!!!!!!!!
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