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My quest....

Starting tonight I have embarked on a quest (a silly quest mind you) where I will force myself to listen to every album that Prince has ever put out....as of right now I'm nearly done with my 5th of the night....luckily I started with the stuff that was really good....but sometime tomorrow I'll have to deal with the late '90s and early 2000's and I'll finally have to listen to The Rainbow Children, which I've been avoiding like the plague because of its religious connotations (Jehovahs ya know?)

anyway here's ...Read more

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My Pup!

Just a couple teasers. Need to take more....these are the only ones that came out ok! =P

God damn he's cute... Read more

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It's been a while since my last blog hasn't it? About a month it seems. Here's some new stuff in the world of Damian!


Recently finished Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer winning "The Road" (which is soon to be a movie made by the same guy that directed The Proposition, which was written by Nick Cave who, as some of you know, is one of my favorite musicians. Consequently...Read more

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good news and bad news

Good news: I made the deans list

Bad news: I'm fairly certain that I won't be getting that job I had an interview for on Monday so I might not even get to go to college next semester woo!

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I was browsing wikipedia and came across this awesome entry about affirmative action bake sales.

"A typical pricing structure would be along the lines of $1.00 for White  and Asian males, $.75 for White and Asian females, and $.50 for Latino, Black, and Native Americans in the United States  and $.25 for females of the same races."

Ironically these bake sales have been categorized as racist.  Gee, I wonder what that makes affirmative acti...Read more

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Has anyone seen the interview with Jason Beghe about Scientology? If you don't know, this isn't a religion, it's a cult.


As we know, Scientology will probably have this removed through an intense legal battle in the future, so watch it while you can.....

edit: this isn't the full interview, if you want to see the full interview google it.

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Oh, Mr Bush-Man, I haven't seen you for so long.

if anyone's been to pier 39 in San Francisco in the last few years you'll know this guy. I haven't seen him for a while though, last I heard he gave some old lady a heart attack and got in trouble.

He's got a pretty strange hobby, don't you think?

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Motivational Posters....

I've been inspired by Jontse to put some motivational posters up in my blog. Will also include random funny internet meme type images.

I do have to warn you though, most of these are tasteless, racist, and are bound to offend a few of you. Therefore, this blog is friends + fans only. If you are easily offended then you might want to skip this one. oh and also: MANY OF THESE IMAGES ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

now that that's out of the way here you ...Read more

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Peaceful end to a stressful day

Oh my god it feels nice to sleep. I really couldn't help it! Just walked into the room, took off my backpack, cataloged a few things and boom straight down on the bed. I could have slept for hours.

Sigh... I'd forgotten how nice it is to fall asleep next to a warm body. Is it wrong if a guy likes to cuddle? Isn't there a more manly word for it? Probably not....

Anyway, Has anyone ever heard of Mint Royale? I guess they aren't very popular over here in the States but they are probably best known...Read more

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Cascades of Colour

Ok, let's see....What have I done today? Anything important? Nope. Did anything incredibly terrible happen to me that would make for an interesting read? nah...

Oh well, here we go...

Woke up to a phone call at about 11:00 am from the gf telling me to get up because we had to go shopping. I then proceeded to get up, look at the clock, and go back to sleep. I got another call around 11:30 because she was nearly at the door....so I did what I always do and cried a little as I got up to let her in.

I can't real...Read more

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