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Aloha from HEAVEN!!!


To mummy's friends,


        Thank you for visiting me every now and again and putting up with my attitude. Don't ask me how I get to do this from heaven. As if doing it while I was alive on earth was easy. Imagine how long it took me to type with my extra small furry palm! O.. talking about being away, the best thing is that I do not need to get a manicure anymore. Anyway, please stay happy!! If you are sad, visit my "scanned" pictures. Read more

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March 22nd 2009, Sunday

Mum bought MORE cages and ham-ham stuffs yesterday. She finally found the thing she wanted to get the most. HAMSTER HARNESS -_-". YES, I have been given a new home, new bathtub, a new toilet, a new wheel, a new food container and a lot of other NEW things but it's stop being great about right there when introduced this alien white furry long creature that has teeth like mine, only bigger almost 2 weeks ago. I was so excited to try it out that she grabbed me as soon as she reaches home. I screamed a...Read more

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Hamster hamster hamster buster

It's been a while after my bitchy neighbor left my neighborhood... o.... should I thank God? Probably not... but hey... can't help it, can I? she used to go around snapping her jaws around. Like mother like daughter. One of her daughter, Mimmi inherited her snapping jaws habit. That junior b***h bit my shoulder skin off today before our wet bath rituals.

My mum made a video of me today, AFTER our water bath rituals. She doesn't seem to understand why I'd roll on my sand AGAIN (and yes, it's fresh sa...Read more

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m such a fat fat fat fat fat fat fat hamster now..... I AM HUGE!!!!!! wait till i upload my other pictures. o ho ho ho

and since now dat i m female, n having enough of getting scolded by mum I just scream to the edge of my throat every time I see danger approaching. But dunno wat got into my neighbour guai2. she seemed to put on a lot of weight and getting bitchy! She'd chase me and bite me. Cheezeeeessss...

Fortunately mum just halted her and she stopped. T_T

wanna see how fat she is now?

Read more

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For some reason I became a transexual . Mum used to call me Xu Xu my cute little boy, now she claims I need a diet cause I am female? Since when am I a female? Hey did anybody asked my permission before changing my sexuality? Anybody cares about my hamster little heart?

But I will not complain much as mum spoils me just as much and now I have a good excuse to be a BITCH!gagagagaga, are you enjoying my new pictures as much as I do?

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mum's been ignoring me whole day TT coz I bit that little buddy till his stomach looked like he just stepped on a  land mine. BUT HE bit me too... 4 bites . How come he only get scolded and I get ignored... MUM!!!! TT You know why we fought???? Read more

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STEPPED on that new boy on the neighbourhood today. One foot and he's down! GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA

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A new hamster.... again?

1 GONE! 1 came!

Hey.. but I dun complain coz for some reason I seem to enjoy his presence apart from when he tries to snuggle to me while I sleep! Xu Xu sleeps ALONE!  Hello? IS THAT CLEAR????

Anyway he's only 30% of my size. I can crunch him with my fist if I want :P

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My secret weapon? I call it a double slap. I slap like Bruce Lee punch the bad guys. Yeaaaa OOOO YEAAAA come on baby

Anyway I seem to like the Kungfu Panda... makes me feel Slim........

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Hi, I m Xu Xu, am almost 1 year old.... "almost". love me, hate me... I am all urs.

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